Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge

Dear faithful readers,

have you ever watched I’m Alan Partridge? If you need a bit of background info on Alan Partridge click here.

It’s like The Office but even more awkward (and yes such thing is possible!) Alan Partridge is failed television presenter, a socially inept and (more often then not) horrible human being.

And although the series ended in 2002 Steve Coogan is back with his Partridge character for a web based series called Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge. The series is sponsored by Fosters, you know the beer? And I normally like Fosters however once I saw that they blocked the video based on the IP and your location… seriously? No, seriously Fosters? It is a web series – the whole freaking point of web series is that ALL can watch them regardless of their location. That’s what good marketing is all about! Suffice to say I won’t be having Fosters in the foreseeable future.

Be as it may thanks to some kind soul on YouTube you can watch a clip below. And also did I mention Alan Partridge is from Norfolk? Yup one of my favorite places on Earth. So there is that too. For the record – I have never ever met anyone so horrible while there. Quite the opposite, Norfolk people are wonderful.

Check out the clip below.