Midseason shows – are they any good?

Dear faithful readers,

I would really love to know – are you watching any of the new shows? You know the ones that started last September?
I have to admit not one show stuck. Not one. So I was kind of hoping there might be something interesting come midseason. But the shows I’ve seen so far didn’t knock my socks off.


Episodes is a story about a husband and wife writing team who have created a successful comedy in UK. They meet a famous TV producer at the BAFTA awards and he wants to remake their series for American audience. After a bit of back and forth they decide to take him up on his offer and go to LA. But once they get there it turns out they have little to no creative control over the show. Not only that but the producer hires Matt LeBlanc to play the lead. Did I mention he is supposed to play the head master of strict boarding school? Yup, Matt LeBlanc is the obvious choice.

This show isn’t hilariously funny. But it also isn’t horribly bad. I did get a few giggles out of it and I do think it has potential. That is if you don’t mind two snarky Brits being perpetually amazed/shocked/insert appropriate word over the fakeness that is Hollywood (I kind have the feeling this might get a bit old fast). I only saw one episode and I think Matt LeBlanc was in one scene. I’ll watch another one just to see if he is any good.

Off the Map

Three young and enthusiastic doctors arrive at a small and remote South American village to work in a local clinic that is understaffed and doesn’t have enough resources. The reasons behind their decision to work in the tropics are obviously their deep, dark secrets. The clinic is run by doctors who are weary and think quickly on their feet making due with what they have, trying to save as many people as they can.

It’s basically Grey’s in the jungle. Or Grey’s with a dash of Royal Pains (as in Hank who uses first thing at hand to help his patients when he is out in the field). First episode featured a coconut transfusion (no, I’m not pulling your leg). Now that might be legit and I’m sure there will be plenty of these oddities as the series goes on but seriously how many of these show can Shonda Rhimes produce? The setting is beautiful but that is about it. The characters weren’t all that compelling (even with their deep, dark secrets) and the writing wasn’t all that. So yes, do we really need another doctors show?

The Cape

The Cape is about detective Vince Faraday who gets framed for murders he didn’t commit and mistaken for villain named Chess. Everybody thinks he is dead (including his wife and son) and he gets saved by a circus ring leader who gives him a cape with special powers that Vince has to master. He becomes the Cape and he starts fighting villains. He also tries to clear his name and protect his family without revealing his identity.

The Cape was hilarious. Although I don’t think that was the intention of the writers. It was just so, so, so bad. Yes there was a big explosion five minutes in, fight scenes (every 10 minutes), Vinnie Jones looked menacing, the lead character was left for dead and things got blown up (every other 10 minutes). But there were also creepy circus people. Vinnie Jones had scales on his face. And also? The acting was so poor. Heavens. It’s a hot mess. It’s like – that’s how superhero shows look liked in the 80s. And to be honest I half expected something like this would show up. So if you crave a giggle give it a go. Otherwise you are not missing much.

Lights Out

Lights Out is about a former heavyweight boxing champion Patrick Leary (played by Holt McCallany) who suffers from dementia after all the head injuries he has sustained throughout his career. He is trying to support his family but things don’t really go as planned and Leary starts to reconsider his retirement and thinks about going back to the ring one last time.

I like Lights Out the best. Which obviously doesn’t bode well for the show. Yes I have some bad djudju going on as the shows I really (REALLY!) enjoy get cancelled pretty damn sharpish. That aside Fox is notorious graveyard for pilots. If any new show makes it pass third episodes it’s a miracle. So enjoy at your own risk, it might be gone before you know it.

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