I Am Number Four Trailer

Dear faithful readers,

Christmas is a time to spend time with family, eat yourself silly and watch any given number of atrocious movies. But to me Christmas is always about wonderful books. I’ve read the Hunger Games in less then 24 hours and I started on I Am Number Four. Have you read I Am Number Four?

It is written by Pittacus Lore. Yes I was a bit confused at first but it is actually a pen name for James Frey and Jobie Hughes. (James Frey is that dude that wrote A Million Little Pieces and induced the wrath of Oprah when she chose the book for her Book Club but it turned out it wasn’t autobiographical at all).

Without giving away any of the plot’s twists and turns I Am Number Four is of teen Science fiction variety but after I’d say 2 chapters it will be very difficult to put it down (and yes it is definitely better written the Twilight). There should be six books altogether and the second book in the series Power of Six should be published in August of 2011.

Hollywood of course was on it immediately and movie will be released in February next year. It is produced by Spielberg and Michael Bay and directed by D. J. Caruso.

You can check out the trailer below.

Torchwood/Strictly Come Dancing Crossover

Dear faithful readers,

I hope you all had lovely and peaceful Christmas with your family and friends.

I found this little nugget over the weekend courtesy of YouTube. First of all we all know that John Barrowman is ham extraordinaire however what I didn’t know was that he was so nifty on his feet.

And second of all it reminded me I didn’t check what is happening with Torchwood of late. Since Torchwood got picked up by Starz and will now be filmed as a joint production with BBC the shooting will start in LA next month.
Bill Pullman has been cast as the villain Oswald Jones while Mekhi Phifer has been cast as CIA agent.

Meanwhile John Barrowman did an interview for the Scottish Sun where he said that they (I’m guessing the production company) are planning to make another 7 season of Torchwood.

So overall good news, no? The only thing is we have to wait until the summer.

Anyhow enjoy John Barrowman in all of his hammy goodness.

Sky1’s Little Crackers

Image: Sky1

Dear faithful readers,

another Christmas threat for you this time courtesy of Sky1. They had some good shows of late (Thorne and Strike Back) and they are both worth checking out if you haven’t so far. Mind you the shows I’ve mentioned were of the crime and thriller variety. Little Crackers is Sky1’s most significant foray into comedy as of yet and we all know that comedy can be tricky.

However they have lined up some of the most famous comedians in the UK so it shouldn’t be so bad, right? I mean how off can you be with the likes of Dawn French, Jo Brand, Victoria Wood, Julia Davies, Bill Bailey and Mr. Fry (among others)?

The series will start this weekend (on the 19th) and it will air until Christmas. Dow below you can check out Julia Davies’ clip and on this link you can check promo for Mr. Fry’s episode.

And this might be OT but since I already mentioned Victoria Wood and I think she is hilarious here is a clip of Acorn Antiques and the famous Two Soups sketch.

ITV’s Christmas Treats

Dear faithful readers,

I am trying to highlight all the stuff that will be shown during the Christmas period so you have something to watch in between all the cakes/turkeys/book reading/arguing with your family/insert any appropriate Christmas activity. Today it’s ITV’s turn so you can check the their offerings below.

Murder on the Orient Express – it has been 22 years since David Suchet first played the most famous Belgian detective Hercule Poirot and this latest adaptation is one of my favorites. ITV will also feature a documentary that will air on December 19th and sees David Suchet travel on the Orient Express. He dwells deeper into its history, secrets, mysteries and learns from the Orient Express staff just how little the service has changed since it’s first journey in 1883.

Marple – Marple fans should  not feel left out because ITV will show not one but two Marple movies. The first one The Secret of Chimneys will air on December 27th while the second one The Blue Geranium will air on December 29th.

Come Rain Come Shine – for any of you who might be fans of Only Fools and Horses this might turn into a treat. David Jason stars as Don, an ex docker who lives with his wife Dora and has two grown up children David and Joanne. Don likes the simple life while his son’s lifestyle is well… plush. But it soon turns out that Don is on the verge of financial meltdown. The script is written by Jeff Pope.

Downton Abbey – American readers might also like to know that another ITV hit Downton Abbey will air on PBS as part of their Masterpiece series on January 9th.