Fry and Laurie Reunited

Dear readers,

do forgive me but I’ve totally missed this. And here I was complaining there is nothing to watch on television already (and Christmas is still a month away).

Anyhow I have already mentioned this before but it has finally happened – Mr. Fry and Mr. Laurie have been reunited on TV to celebrate 30 years of their friendship.

The one off special was commissioned by GOLD but fret not even if you are not an UK viewer. If you follow the YouTube link below… well let’s just say YouTube doesn’t really care about where your IP is from and some kind soul was well… kind enough to upload it. So get to it before it’s gone.

Also embedded for your perusal a few bits and bobs that have aired. Can I just say that a) totally digging Mr. Fry’s hair and b) I do understand he might have a problem finding a barber that will cut it well?

Source: TV Scoop and YouTube