Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals – An Update

Dear readers,

so I’ve decided to give this Jamie Oliver 30 minute meal deal a try. And you can read how it went down below. I’ve decided to stick with something simple because I didn’t have much time today and well you can’t get more simpler then mac and cheese, right?

Step 1 – Prepare everything.

Step 2 – Can’t find the grater attachment for the food processor. Grating cheese by hand.

Step 3 – Boil the kettle.

Step 4 – Wash and cut up cauliflower. Ew really don’t like cauliflower.

Step 5 – Dump cauliflower in the pot with pasta.

Step 6 – Kettle still hasn’t boiled.

Step 7 – Yippee – kettle is whistling! Dump water in the pot with cauliflower and pasta. Damn – there isn’t enough water. Can’t wait for water to boil. Pour in some hot water instead.

Step 8 – Ok cauliflower and pasta is cooking on high heat (luckily I didn’t forget to switch on the stove)

Step 9 – Cut up bread. But I need something else with it?

Step 10 – BACON!!!

Step 11 – Forgot to switch the oven on. Damn and three shots of blast!

Step 12 – The oven is on high. Cut up some bacon (don’t have pancetta).

Step 13 – What if pasta and cauliflower is done and I still haven’t done the bacon? Nevermind, I’ll improvise.

Step 14 – Light on the oven still hasn’t went out.

Step 15 – Light on the oven still on.

Step 16 – Light on the oven is still on.

Step 17 – Ok I should do something productive while I wait.

Step 18 – Chop up garlic (don’t have that garlic masher thingy)

Step 19 – Light on the oven is finally off!!! Dump tray with bacon in the oven.

Step 20 – Check cauliflower and pasta. Pasta seems ok but cauliflower seems too raw. A few more minutes.

Step 21 – What’s that sizzling?Shit forgot about bacon.

Step 22 – Bacon is done.

Step 23 – On to breadcrumbs. Dump the bacon in the food processor with some rosemary (dry natch don’t have fresh one, it died same time as basil)

Step 24 – Dump the bread in the food processor. Can’t fit all of the bread in. Ok will have to do 2 batches.

Step 25 – Switch the food processor on.

Step 26 – It whizzes along nicely. I think I have forgotten something.

Step 27 – Shit. Olive oil. Pour some olive oil in the food processor and whizz again.

Step 28 – Dump breadcrumbs into a plate.

Step 29 – Whizz the second batch.

Step 30 – Dump it on a plate.

Step 31 – What else do I have to do? Shit – pasta and cauliflower.

Step 32 – Ok pasta is still ok but cauliflower is still a bit hard. Nevermind. Will mash it with potato masher.

Step 33 – Drain the pasta and cauliflower in a colander (luckily I remembered to put the pot underneath for cooking water)

Step 34 – Dump pasta and cauliflower in a baking tray.

Step 35 – Throw in the garlic.

Step 36 – Throw in the grated cheese.

Step 37 – Throw in the crème fraîche.

Step 38 – Should it all stand in the middle of the baking tray like that? It will be dry at the ends.

Step 39 – Forgot to add the cooking water.

Step 40 – Added the cooking water. Cheese, garlic and crème fraîche are still just standing in the middle.

Step 41 – Mash the cauliflower with the potato masher. Ok it’s not that hard anymore.

Step 42 – But all of this stuff is still all in the middle. Take out a wooden spoon and stir it a little bit.

Step 43 – Ok better now.

Step 44 – Dump breadcrumbs on top.

Step 45 – Bang the baking tray in the oven.

Step 46 – There are 4 big pots, 3 plates, 2 knives, 3 spoons, a wooden spoon, a colander and food processor to wash. It looks like a bomb went off.

Step 47 – Doing the washing up. Halfway through I ran out of hot water.

Step 48 – I can make the salad in the meantime. Normal one. With normal dressing, I’m not taking out my liquidizer out at this point.

Step 49 – Doing the rest of the washing up.

Step 50 – Ok it took me 15 minutes to wash everything. That’s not so bad, right?

Step 51 – Just realized I forgot about the dessert. Wanted to do that ice cream with hazelnuts, coffee and choc.

Step 52 – Forget about it. I already washed the food processor.

Final result:

As you can see from the pic above it turned out ok I’d say. It was over 30 minutes (with all the grating, chopping and forgetting to turn on the oven). And I didn’t do the dessert or one of his salads. But it was really, really tasty. And I even ate the cauliflower. Well some cauliflower. And I detest cauliflower. Oh and I was worried I put too much cooking water inside so that it will be runny. It wasn’t.

I think overall it is doable if it is simple enough recipe. Even the more complicated ones can be done if a) you have steps down pat (as witnessed by the number of “shits” I didn’t) b) have all the equipment and ingredients and c) if you don’t have the equipment and ingredients but can improvise.

But in 30 minutes? Yeah, not happening mate.

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