10 Useful TV iPhone Apps

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Dear faithful readers,

I have a love/hate relationship with my iPhone. I love that it’s shiny and smart and it can hold all my music and audio books, takes good pictures and that it’s so resistant (I mean I dropped that bugger so many times I lost count). But then it can also get buggy and it overheats while charging (so much so that my cat has taken to sleep on it because it keeps her nice and toasty) and it tries to electrocute me in the wintertime because how dare I listen to music and wear a woolly hat at the same time.

BUT it’s useful and functional. So I wanted to take a look at some of the TV iPhone apps that are available and that might come in handy for all of us dedicated TV addicts.

Miso iPhone App

Price: Free

Miso is a social network dedicated to TV fans – chat about your favorite (or least favorite) shows and movies, connect with other fans or with your friends via Facebook and Twitter and earn awards and prizes as you go along. Many users have described it as foursquare for TV.

Buddy TV iPhone App

Price: Free

Buddy TV is one of the most popular TV blogs and their iPhone app (also available for iPad and iPod Touch) will enable you to log in while you watch your favorite show and comment along with other fans (can come in handy if none of your friends are watching your favorite show). You can also connect with your friends via Twitter and Facebook and get updates and news-y bits on your phone.

Playphilo iPhone App

Price: Free

Philo is another iPhone app (but also available for android phones) that lets you connect with other fans and share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. If you comment you can also earn points and collect awards. The focus with Philo is on the interactive.

Tunerfish iPhone App

Price: Free

Tunerfish is similar to Philo as in that you can connect with other fans of your favorite TV show, see which shows are popular and earn points for your comments. You can register via your Facebook and Twitter account as well. But if you don’t have one or the other or you do not want to link to your Facebook or Twitter account you will not be able to access all Tunerfish features. So that sucks and hopefully will be changed soon.

Televisonwithoutpity iPhone App

Price: Free

I love me some TWoP. Obviously because of their recaps. And their forum. Forums can’t be accessed with the iPhone app but recaps and blogs are available.

CNN iPhone app

Price: Free

If you are on the go and want to receive breaking news on your phone CNN app will deliver just that. Breaking news alerts, international and regional stories, sports, entertainment – they have you covered. It is also handy if you are traveling and need weather alerts. Stories can be shared via email, Facebook and Twitter.

BBC News iPhone App

Price: Free

I grew up with BBC News so obviously I am biased. But this free app is also handy if you are on the go and want to receive headline news as they happen. News can be customized according to region and subject plus it is available in Spanish, Russian and Arabic.

Zap2it iPhone App

Price: Free

Zap2it is the most extensive TV app from all the TV blog apps that I’ve found. You can customize your favorite channels and TV shows, see all the latest TV (and movie) news, get an alert when your favorite show is about to start and find movies in cinemas near you.

TV Guide iPhone App

Price: Free

TV bible does have an iPhone app. Get all your listings in one places and you can also customize lists with your favorite shows. Also available for UK.

TV Diner iPhone App

Price: $3.99

I totally dig this app. It allows you to find restaurants featured in TV and cable shows. Unfortunately only a handful of shows are featured and it is only handy if you are in the United States but someone should do this for Europe pronto.

So tell me dear readers are there any useful TV iPhone apps you would like to share? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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