The Social Network review

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Dear readers,

one of my BFFs came over the other day to use my comp because her comp is not working. I thought she had to check her emails but no she had to check her Facebook. Her crops died and none fed her pigs for over a week. And as we were chatting about the merits of buying a harvester (she doesn’t have enough fuel from what I have gathered) she told me I should open up a Facebook account. And when I told her I had Facebook account for the past 4 (or 5) years (can’t remember exactly), she got all offended I didn’t add her.

The thing is back in the day when I first opened my account (to jolt your memory there were still no ads) my social circle didn’t have a clue what I was on about. But now everyone (and their grandmother) is on Facebook.

And my friend couldn’t find me because my settings are private. I don’t feel comfortable having personal shit on the Internet. And sporadic stuff that I put there is shared with friends. Who would know about it anyway. Not by some horrible bish (both male and female) I went to school with/worked with/insert appropriate who I really didn’t like even then. I mean why would I want to stay in contact with you now?

And then there is stuff like this (that can be argued people who are not well in the head will not be well in the head no matter what social network they use). Stuff like this I find creepy. I can’t even… I mean seriously?

Things like these worry me even more. And the fact you have to jump through hoops in case you are weird enough and want to have your account deleted – well that makes me distrustful. Very, very distrustful.

But since it is such a global phenomena and since your cousin wants you to see pictures of his kids or your BFF wants you to add her so you can plow her fields or something, you take the good with the bad. Don’t get me wrong Facebook can be a wonderful thing – to connect with people you really want to connect with, to stay in contact with family, to rally, to share interests, to network, any number of things. But some of their company policies and terms and conditions make me wary. And distrustful.

The reason I am withering on about this is because I want to be honest upfront and tell you I am biased. I saw The Social Network from that particular perspective.

And I thought it was good. Just plain old good. Maybe it was all the buzz – it is lauded as “the movie of the generation”. And don’t get me wrong Fincher doesn’t do crap. But I didn’t expect it to be so… underwhelming?

I loved Fight Club and Seven. After I saw those movies I thought about them for days. With this one? Not so much. I liked it visually and it’s still Fincher – clever, fast, on the ball – and one would think when combined with Sorkin’s script it would be a delight to watch. Hmmm… no. And I know talkingveryveryfastlikebeingoncaffeinehighormaybesomethingelse is Sorkin’s thing. But for this particular movie it just didn’t sit well with me.

Casting was also spot on (Eisenberg and Garfield as Zuckenberg and Saverin were really good. And Armie Hammer as the Winklevoss twins – he is just lush). Well apart from Justin Timberlake I’d say. Why?! I thought I didn’t like him because he plays a self obsessed arsehole but that wasn’t it. That would mean he is good. But he is not very good. And so horribly wooden. But then again I’m not all that surprised because I saw Edison (lured by Kevin Spacey and Morgan Freeman) and the performance was much the same.

I did like the music (Trent Razor and Atticus Ross), I liked how it was edited and I loved the chicken story.

All the ingredients are there. I just don’t understand why I didn’t fall in love with it rather then just liked it.

So tell me dear readers what did you think of the Social Network?