The Good Wife


Dear faithful readers,

I haven’t watched a proper legal series since… hm… the Practice, I think. Of course there was Eli Stone and I enjoyed it immensely but even though there were lawyers and courts and whathaveyou there was also George Michael dancing on the tables and choirs in the board rooms. So it wasn’t your typical legal drama.

Anyhow it wasn’t that I was looking for legal drama to watch but I gave up on House, Flipping Out was over and Lie To Me started to grate for some reason (Tim Roth is getting too twitchy for my liking).

So I started watching the Good Wife. And my dear readers, it’s good. Good I tell you.

If you haven’t seen it before it’s written by Robert and Michelle King and Juliana Margulies is playing Alicia Florrick, wife of Peter Florrick who used to be Chicago State Attorney but got busted for corruption. And he used prostitutes on the side.
Alicia who is forced to take work as junior associate in a law firm after she has been a housewife for a number of years because now she has to provide for her family.

I do love Margulies’ portrayal of Alicia – calm, collected, cool even but you get glimpses of trouble brewing just beneath the surface. The writers have given Margulies plenty to work with but I am curious will the writers explore the change in character as her cases get more troublesomes and morally ambiguous.

Also regardless of the week’s storyline you always know, just know that there is something fairly sinister going on in the background. I’m telling you – totally loving it.

The rest of the cast is nothing to be sneered at either – Christine Baranski as Diane Lockhart who is a senior partner at the firm, Archie Panjabi as Kalinda Sharma the firm’s investigator, Matt Czuchry as Cary Argos (Alicia’s competitor for the permanent position), Chris Noth as Peter Florrick and Alan Cumming as Eli Gold, his campaign manager. It is a solid crew and they keep me tuning in week after week (after I caught on the first season of course).

Also totally heart Josh Charles who you might remember from Dead Poets Society. Don’t know if you ever watched In Treatment but he played the role of Jake, dude who came to couple’s theraphy with his wife (quite liked him in that actually).

If you haven’t seen The Good Wife so far try and give it a go, I will promise you won’t be disappointed.

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