UK series news round-up

Dear faithful readers,

I wanted to do a quick round of new UK shows that you might be interested in. There is some crime and drama and then there should be (at least in theory) plenty of comedy.

Come Dine with Me – now for a bit of an exciting news BBC America has started airing Come Dine with Me. I absolutely love this program because a) the narrator is hilarious (Dave Lamb by the way) and this particular episode had me in stitches. Absolute stitches. I mean you can’t make stuff like this up. Anyhow if you fancy a good giggle Come Dine with Me airs on BBC America every Thursday at 10/9c.

Another bit of good news comes courtesy of TV Scoop – Sky1 commissioned a number of big names to boost their comedy rating (sort to speak). Our lovely Mr. Fry will appear alongside Dawn French and Victoria Wood in series called Little Cracker that will feature a number of short autobiographical films depicting events that happened in their past. Hmmm that should be interesting. Also Ruth Jones is getting her own show called Stella. And speaking of Dawn French…

Roger and Val Have Just Got In Dawn French is getting her own sitcom. Produced by BBC Two it stars Dawn French as food technology teacher Val, while Alfred Molina plays her husband the botanist. If French’s previous work is anything to go by this should be interesting. The series will air in 2010.

Above Suspicion – ITV’s franchise Above Suspicion is back for another season. I quite enjoy ITV’s crime drama offerings and this one is just as good as the usual ITV fare. Based on Lynda Le Plante’s fourth novel about a rookie police officer Anna Travis it once again stars Kelly Reilly as Anna Travis and Ciaran Hinds as her superior Detective Chief Inspector Langton. This time the team investigates a murder of one of their former colleagues who seems to connected with a World famous drug trafficker. Above Suspicion is currently in production and should premiere in 2011. You can check out the trailer below.

The Oaks – new supernatural drama for ITV it features Alex Kingston (of ER fame) and Jodie Whittaker and follows the story of 3 families living in the same house in the 1960s, 1980s and in the present day. The house is haunted by the spirit of a young girl, daughter who lived with the family in the 60s but died under mysterious circumstances. The series will have 5 episodes and it is currently in production.

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