SyFy’s Haven

Image: Syfy

Dear faithful readers,

we have debated the merits of seeing Stephen King’s works on the screen. And while movies can be quite good, the TV adaptations can be well… not so. Remember Tommyknockers? It? The Langoliers? While I appreciated the stories and while I can understand why King’s work would be ideal for television (since his books can also be used as door stops because they are that thick* it only makes sense to make it into a mini series without omitting any important information) the listed series fell sort of flat. The acting, the special effects, it was just well a bit cheesy to be honest. So Stephen King and television is not always the most fortunate of combinations.

BUT Syfy… I know, I know. Just ignore the name, I try to. Although the person who thought that the name change from SciFi Channel to Syfy was a good re-branding idea should really get his/hers examined… Where was I?

Yes Syfy premiered new series called Haven. It is very loosely based on King’s novella the Colorado Kid. It stars Emily Rose as an FBI agent Audrey Parker who is sent on a assignment in Haven, Maine. But when the fugitive she was looking for ends up dead Parker’s investigation takes a turn in an unexpected direction. And relatively soon it also turns out Haven, Maine is anything but your regular small coastal town.

Emily Rose has a long list of TV credits to her name, I remember her best from Jericho. Cast also includes Lucas Bryant and Eric Balfour.

I have to admit I quite liked the pilot. Dialogue was a bit uneven at certain points but overall as pilots go this one was far better then average – well put together, with strong cast and offering nuggets of information to leave you hooked for more. And it has that vibe – foggy, cold and creepy – that I have come to associate with King’s work. I will definitely tune in to see how the story develops. And apparently Stephen King himself enjoyed the pilot. So there’s that as well.

Do check out the trailer below and if you’ve seen Haven, do let me know what you thought in comments below.

*I’m not being sarcastic, I actually love that about his work.