The Gates

Dear faithful readers,

since TV shows are few and far inbetween at the moment and my standards are slipping a bit. So I saw a trailer for this show the Gates and I thought to myself well how bad can it be?

Oh heavens. Well it wasn’t too good, that’s all I can say. It’s been dubbed as Desperate Housewives meets Buffy. Although I would say they’ve added a dash of Twilight for a good measure. Honestly sometimes you have to wonder if these show runners go into meetings and throw out random ideas until something sticks. Although you can’t complain because well… at least it’s scripted, no?

Anyhow The Gates are a private community in Chicago, looking all typically suburban and whatnot. But as the new police chief Monahan moves in with his family and they settle in it soon becomes apparent that the Gates is not as perfect as it seemed. Yeah and there are vampire and werewolves – that I’ve seen so far. Honestly I didn’t find it one bit intriguing. Maybe I’m mistaken and it gets better with the second episode but seriously (and unfortunately) nowdays you don’t have much time to fuss about and find your groove in television.

The trailer is below, see for yourself.