8 Summer Shows Worth Watching

Dear faithful readers,

summer season is upon us. How do I know? Have to take the dog out around 6:30am, I start sweating bullets at 8:00am and my laptop is overheating.

Back in the old days during the summer season there was literally nothing to watch. But nowadays we do have some options. Given we won’t be counting the days until Lost kicks off again but there is True Blood. And that’s something, right? Right?! Oh who am I kidding! *sigh*

Anyhow down below you can find some of the summer shows for your consideration. Some have premiered already while others will not start until August.

White Collar – starts July 13

I quite like White Collar on USA Network. I like the New York skyline porn (obviously mandatory for some if not all USA Network shows), I like the interiors (oh so shoot me for being shallow like that) and I even like the story lines. Usually there is a one story arc for whole of the season and story lines for each separate episode. It does help Matthew Bomer is pretty to look at too.

Leverage – starts June 20

Leverage kicks off (sorry for all the football references, cannot help it) on June 20th with the premiere of third season. While it might be a bit slow to get going, I found Leverage worth watching. With its motley crew of con artists, grifters and other assorted women and men of dubious moral standards and trying to fight the good fight Timothy Hutton and the rest of the cast do not disappoint because unlike with Royal Pains the dialogues are definitely not clunky.

Royal Pains – every Thursday

Oh bless Royal Pains and their Hamptons porn! In case you haven’t caught on by now every series on USA Network has to have some sort of exterior shots porn. In Royal Pains it’s Hamptons. It’s light and fluffy and although dialogues can be a little clunky it should definitely keep you occupied.

Persons Unknown – every Monday

I watched Persons Unknown the other day because well there was nothing on. The series is produced by NBC and it has been commissioned for 13 episodes. The pilot was… uneven I’d say. But the premise is interesting enough to make me want to check out the second episode. And with just 13 episodes commissioned there isn’t much room for error. A group of total strangers gets abducted. Somehow they all end up in a small ghost town without having a faintest idea how they got there. They have to work together and solve puzzles that should ultimately help them escape.

True Blood – every Sunday

Ah what can I say about True Blood that I haven’t said before? It usually doesn’t disappoint. We have been teased to death. So I say bring it on!

Friday Night Lights
– every Friday

One show I keep hearing about. ALL. the. time. And I still haven’t gotten around to watch it. But I plan to rectify it this summer. I do have to issue a warning though – it usually doesn’t bode well for the show (ie Veronica Mars and Jericho come to mind).

Rubicon – premiere August 1st

Image: AMC

AMC brought us Mad Men and Breaking Bad so I do have faith Rubicon just might live up to expectations. Rubicon is created by Jason Horwitch and stars James Badge Dale as an analyst who discovers secret society that influences world events. Hm yes I’ve really cleared that up. But you can check the trailer below and decide for yourself.

*Edited – US viewers can see the pilot online at AMC or Hulu. Pilot will be streamed on Hulu until July 31st. (Links via Popcandy)

Man Men – premiere July 25th

Image: AMC/Carin Baer

Mad Men returns in July for fourth season. It needs no introduction.