Shortcodes, Custom Options, Unlimited Sidebars, and More!

Aspire comes jam packed with useful features, like shortcodes, custom admin options, several custom page templates, and more! Why bother with a theme that takes countless hours to customize and get up to speed when you can get started right away with one that’s pre-configured with any customization tools you’ll need. This really is WordPress at it’s best: making life easier for you.


Shortcodes are a cool feature in WordPress that essentially allows you to do some pretty incredible things by just inserting a “shortcode” into a page or post. Using Shortcodes is a breeze, just insert one where you want the relevant content to show up and, whallah!, it works like magic. Here’s a list of just a few of the shortcodes included in Aspire. Remember to replace any squiggly brackets “{” with square brackets “[“, and for the shortcodes that require customization (like the donation shortcode), edit the information in functions/shortcodes.php. Enjoy these!

1. Related Posts

Related posts are an easy way to get your visitors staying longer on your blog. There’s tons of plugins to display them, but you can also use this simple shortcode and be in business in mere seconds!



2. Google Charts

Including Google Charts into your posts and pages has never been easier. Just use this shortcode and fill out your own particular details and the chart will be posted automatically, like in this example:

{chart data="41.52,37.79,20.67,0.03" bg="F7F9FA" labels="Reffering+sites|Search+Engines|Direct+traffic|Other" colors="058DC7,50B432,ED561B,EDEF00" size="488x200" title="Traffic Sources" type="pie"}

[chart data=”41.52,37.79,20.67,0.03″ bg=”F7F9FA” labels=”Reffering+sites|Search+Engines|Direct+traffic|Other” colors=”058DC7,50B432,ED561B,EDEF00″ size=”488×200″ title=”Traffic Sources” type=”pie”]


3. Google Adsense Integration

Use this simple little shortcode to include Google Adsense directly into your pages and posts!




4. Premium Content for Members Only

You can offer premium content for registered visitors by using this shortcode on the premium content pages and posts!

{access capability="switch_themes"}


5. Remove WordPress automatic formatting

Use this shortcode to display code snippets on your blog and remove that pesky WordPress automatic formatting on certain portions of text.

{raw}This is some unformatted text{raw}


6. Add administrative notes

Use this shortcode to leave messages on posts that can only be seen by other admins. The blog owner can now, for instance, make editorial notes on a post.

{note}This is an editorial note - only visible to admins!{note}

[note]This is a personal note that only admins can see![/note]


7. Grab the last image in a post

Use this shortcode to display the last image in any particular page or post!




8. Create a Send To Twitter button

Use this shortcode to send posts to Twitter, automajically!




9. Embed an RSS Feed

Use this shortcode to display an RSS feed directly in your posts and pages.

{rss feed="" num="5"}


10. Embed an RSS Button

Use this shortcode to display an RSS button directly in your posts and pages.




11. Display your blog stats using shortcodes

Display all sorts of awesome information about your blog by installing this plugin and using these shortcodes:



12. Add a Donation Button

Replace the default ‘account’ with your paypal email address, and output using [donate]. Remember you can override the default ‘text’ too in the shortcode. You can style this link with css (as ive done) easily.