Inception Trailer


Dear faithful readers,

obviously I am blonder then I thought. I tried to figure out what Inception is about and I’m still not 100% clear what the hell Christopher Nolan is on about.

I am willing to give it a go not so much because of Leonardo di Caprio but rather because I loved Memento and Dark Knight.

Inception follows the story of Dom Cobb (played by di Caprio), who works as a corporate spy and steals secrets from people’s dreams. It’s called extraction. But Cobb is offered one last job (aren’t they all?) and he has to plant an idea into somebody’s mind rather then to steal it. And that is about as much as I’ve managed to understand from the summary.

The trailer does look interesting and the plot is heavily guarded so since I am a sucker for twisty plots I will be seeing this one. You can check out the trailer below.