10 Of My Favorite Lost Episodes

Dear faithful readers,

I have been utterly obsessed with Lost ever since this season started. And I know I am not the only one. If there is one show that makes you think then this would be it. It forced me to dig out old Uni books, discuss electromagnetism and nit pick every little nuance. I have tried to steer clear off discussion boards and recaps for two simple reasons a) to avoid spoilers and b) to avoid any confusion. Scratch that – to avoid any additional confusion. I am confused plenty already and there will be time for that once the show ends.

Since there are only 2 episodes left (gaaaaaaaaah!) I have decided to come up with a list of my favorite episodes. Now before you throw sticks and stones at me for my choice I am going to say that this list is entirely subjective. These are the episodes I’ve found most game changing/illuminating/gut wrenching/interesting/confusing/memorable/add appropriate word of your choice.

I have read somewhere Lost is not about the characters anymore, it is about island (what a Locke thing to say :) And that might be right. BUT while I am beyond intrigued by the island and its pull to me the most interesting thing always were the characters and their dynamics (hello – Jack – Locke, Locke – Ben, Hurley – Charlie, Hurley – Sawyer, Sawyer – Jack, Sawyer – Juliet, Juliet – Jack etc). So my list might be more character driven.

So in no particular order I present to you my 10 favorite Lost episodes. I’m sure I have managed to leave out a good few. But by all means call me a silly sausage but do leave you favorites in the comments below.

The Constant

Image: ABC.com

Time travel, time paradox, Farraday, Desmond and Penny. That episode was awesome on so many levels. Again, it almost gave me a nose bleed but it was soooo worth it and it is one of my all time favorites (it is regarded as one of the best Lost episodes ever).


Image via Lostisgame.com

This was one of my favorite episodes for a number of reasons. It was Locke-centric (and these episodes were always the most interesting). It was the time when we were obsessed with Others. This was the episode that we got to see just what a conniving little bugger Benjamin Linus is (although at the time he was known as Henry Gale). And then there was the siren, the blacklights came on and we saw that big ass map on the hatch doors. Luckily it didn’t take long for the pic of the map to appear on the Internet and I tried to make some sense of it with my rusty Latin. But it was the episode that gave me a glimpse of just how big of a story the writers were trying to tell. Little did I know.

Through The Looking Glass

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I almost gave up on Lost during the third season. It felt (to me) episode after episode were simply fillers of some sort. But the finale made my blond brain implode – now this one was a game changer. This was the episode when we went from flashbacks to flashforwards (of course we didn’t know until the very last second). Jack is a mess and goes to a memorial service, there is a coffin and of course we didn’t get to see who is in it (although I did guess from the second try. Not because I’m particularly smart but because it was sort of obvious who would meet an untimely death). And then there was Charlie. Poor Charlie who battled his demons, got his redemption and accepted his faith. Gut-wrenching it was but it got me hooked again.


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I always had a soft spot for Hurley. Dude – how could you not? While we knew that Hurley won the lottery in Dave we also got to see how Hurley learned about the numbers he used. And that he was in a mental institution. And when his friend Dave tells him he is still in catatonic state and the only way for him to wake up is to jump off the cliff… well how can you not feel for him? Sure there was the Libby kiss which was sweet and touching but more importantly this was the first time (at least that I recall) that it was implied reality might not be as it seems. And that Hurley can see dead people. Which as we now know is kind of important :)

Man of Science, Man of Faith

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Remember at the end of season one when Locke was pounding on hatch and all of a sudden the light when on? Sheeesh – talk about a cliffhanger. Fast forward to September and there it wasĀ  – the computer, the blender, the trim bike and Desmond’s arse in boxers. And let’s not forget Make Your Own Kind of Music. What a freaking cool intro, no? And then the camera rolls out (or whatever they call it) and we see Jack and Locke trying to look in. This episode also explained a lot about who Jack is and where his Messiah complex came from. Do you know it took me five and a half seasons to warm up to that man?

The Shape of Things to Come

Image: ABC.com

I have to admit I preferred this Ben-centric episode to The Man Behind the Curtain. To me the face off between Ben and Widmore was the tipping point that got me thinking who was the bad guy and who was the good guy in this fight. And for the life of me I couldn’t understand what could possess Ben to sacrifice his daughter (that bugger Keamy killed her) confusing me even further. And then Ben let the Smokey Monster loose on Keamy’s ass, which sort of made it a bit better.

Season 6

Image: ABC/Mario Perez

I know dear faithful readers it is a total cop-out. But I could not possibly pick one episode this season that I didn’t like. Given What Kate Does was a bit meh, but overall this season kicked my arse. We were waiting five seasons to get some answers and we finally got them (about BLOODY time but then again it wouldn’t be Lost if it was easy). It must be shock of it all. Happily Ever After was my favorite so far. Operative words being so far.

There’s No Place Like Home

Image: Screenrant.com

Locke was in the coffin! The island was moved (by turning the rotating wheel)! Where did the island go? Sawyer jumped out of the chopper to save Hurley! We think Jin died! Jack finally learned Claire was his half sister! Gaaaah! And that’s just what I can remember on top of my head!

Live Together, Die Alone

Image: ABC.com

Ben is the boss of Others. Locke looses faith. Button doesn’t get pushed. And the ultraviolet light that blasts everything immediately after suggests there just might have been a reason the button should have been pushed after all.

The Incident

Image: ABC.com

Ah the mysterious Jacob finally makes an appearance. I’ll be honest and admit I thought for a while there Ben drank the same Kool Aid as Hurley and could see dead people. BUT it turns out Jacob does/did exist after all. In a flashback we see him visit all of the candidates at some point in the past. Another episode that was gut wrenching to the extreme what with Juliet falling down the shaft. Although I could not really tell you what was more horrible – her dying or Sawyer’s attempts to save her.
On a side note – Mark Pellegrino plays Jacob as the guy who is trying to save the world from evil. On Supernatural he currently plays the Lucifer. Ironic, no?