I have no excuse.

Dear faithful readers,

it’s terrible. I am a Celebrity Apprentice whore. I wrote some time last year how Celebrity Apprentice made me feel all icky when they did that Dennis Rodman intervention (for the record just thinking about it makes me feel squirm).

But here I am a year later and I’m watching that shite. There is no defense really. Because it is horrible. In Project Runway you get a challenge, some sort of finished product and a lot of Michael Kors/Nina Garcia/Heidi Klum snarkiness. And then Tim Gunn makes it all better. Tim Gunn can make anything better.

But Celebrity Apprentice is bad (BAD!) TV. It lasts way too long. It is edited in such a way to make everyone (apart from the Donald natch) look bad. And then there is the old Donald who well… really isn’t a nice person. Capricious, smug and total celebrity whore who will give people a pass even though they haven’t deserved it just because they are a little bit more famous then who they are up against (I say a little bit more famous because there are usually plenty of people taking part that I haven’t even heard of before).
And his hair – oh heavens – his hair, rug, hair implants whatever it is, is driving me to distraction.

This year the cast includes Cyndi Lauper (love her although she is a bit… polite word would be eccentric, non-PC word would be mad), Sharon Osbourne, Michael Johnson, Holly Robinson Peete, Curtis Stone (he is delish) and Bret Michaels (who is also a bit mad, but quite likable). Unfortunately Bret Michaels (who also suffers from Type 1 Diabetes) suffered a brain hemorrhage a few weeks ago and since he is still in the competition I don’t know how exactly will that play out in case he makes it to the finale (the final show is taped on a later date).

And it’s not much better this year either. It makes me squint my eyes and shiver of embarrassment every single time. And I still watch that shite. Why? For the life of me I don’t know – it can be funny?! Sometimes?

I take comfort I still haven’t watched a single episode of that MTV show with Sookie Boozokie. Or Real Housewives. But to be honest – it is small (itsy bitsy in fact) comfort.

So tell me dear readers, is there anything awful that you watch and just can’t help yourself?!