Iron Man 2 Review


Dear faithful readers,

I saw Iron Man 2. And then I got home to one of the first reviews – from Hollywood Reporter. This one from Daily Mirror is even worse.

Bishes – please!

It’s good. It is just as good as the first one. And I’m a snotty, snobbish cow when it comes to movies.

It is not Fight Club or Cabaret or Mulholand Drive. Nor does it aspire to be. You don’t get symbolism or paradigm shifts or deep hidden meaning. And for what it is (an action hero flick) – it is bloody good!

The storylines are solid and definitely not muddled. If anything I felt things were a bit rushed (rushed, not muddled) at times but to be honest that is my only gripe with this movie. Then again I gave up the notion movies are simple and easy to follow ever since I saw Memento and 21 grams. So you know whatever – try and keep up!

I loved the special effects and the battle scenes. Which were definitely not too much (again action hero flick for crying out loud). I loved the music (Clash and AC/DC). And the acting. Gwyneth Paltrow, Jon Favreau, Don Cheadle (who did really well after taking over for Terrence Howard), Sam Rockwell (made for sleazy and weaselly roles), Samuel L. Jackson, Scarlett Johansson (it was hilarious how there was a collective intake of breath in the cinema when she appeared on the screen, she truly is gorgeous) and of course Mickey Rourke (brilliant as the villain Ivan Vanko – now why did he had to do all that shit to his face I will never know).

The main attraction is Robert Downey Jr. Of course. The twinkle in the eye, the God complex, the sheer audacity and not-so-pretty auto-destruction – I cannot imagine anyone else playing Tony Stark. So, so, SO glad he got his shit together.

I also enjoyed all the little things and details – like a shout out to CERN accelerator and Captain America, cameos by DJ AM and Elon Musk (although to be honest I like his ex wife Justine better, she is a really good writer). And the parrot. I really loved the parrot.

But when you put aside the stellar cast, the wizzbangs and doodahs what I enjoyed the most were scenes with 2 actors on the screen talking. I know, I know an action hero flick and the scenes I enjoyed the most didn’t involve special effects. But let me tell you that shit was funny. Hilarious in fact. And I wasn’t the only one who thought so because the theater was full and everyone was giggling.
So hats off to Justin Theroux, he did good with the screenplay.

To sum it up – I did love it. And above all it was fun. 2 hours went by without me even noticing until I had to stand up and realized I couldn’t really feel my feet. As for first reviews – just ignore them. It reminds me a bit of that FIRST meme.

Also make sure to stay until the end of closing credits. I did read someone leaked a clip online – dude soooo not ok, why spoil the fun?