10 Most Memorable Movie Backdrops and Locations

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Dear readers,

A few years ago I was in Budapest visiting a friend. One of her students came for her lesson and was all a tither. So after we gave her a glass of water and she had a few minutes to compose herself it turned out she saw Brad Pitt coming out of Kempinski hotel. That was back in the day when he was in Budapest filming Spy Game with Robert Redford. You know when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston and that fugly beard was nowhere to be seen. So we have managed to contain ourselves and squeal AFTER my friend’s student left but we immediately made plans to go on a walkabout. Brad Pitt aside, I’ve never ever been on a film set and I was dying to see what it all looked like.

So we did go on a walkabout and unfortunately we didn’t fare very well. One evening we ended up having coffee with a short, dark, hairy person who shall remain nameless (Brad Pitt he wasn’t). And on the second evening (we don’t give up that easily) we ended up going up to Buda castle in the middle of the night with a friend from UK, a drunk taxi driver who drove way too fast, farted in the car and made us sit in there way longer then necessary to listen to folk music. Did I mention he didn’t speak English and our Hungarian was/is very patchy? And we almost crashed on the way?

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Blast from the past – Ray Cokes and MTV’s Most Wanted

Dear faithful readers,

if you are by any chance American you will not have a clue whatthehell I am on about. But me thinks any of our European readers will :)

Way back in the day (during the 90s to be more exact) I was still in secondary school. These were the days of Beverly Hills 90210, Melrose Place and Santa Barbara respectively (just so that we understand each other I am talking Beverly Hills 90210 the original, not redux. And lets not dwell on the fact it makes me feel ancient to write that). Anyhow these were the shows that were taped (on VHS) and watched after school or during the weekends to catch up.

But back in the day if there was one channel that was considered must-watch-TV it was MTV Europe. Yes believe it or not MTV. When there was no Sookie Boozokie or whatever her name is and no Hills or whatever else they are showing on MTV at the moment. You had your music videos, some really good VJs and some really good programming.

My favorite, favorite show (meaning I simply had to tape it if I wasn’t around to watch it) was MTV’s Most Wanted. Hosted by Ray Cokes it was on from Tuesday till Thursday (I think, my memory is patchy) and it was a constant source of giggles. There was live music and interactive competitions (I never ever managed to get through and I wanted the goody bag so badly :), such things as Bingo Wall of Death and Rob, the cameraman who had the most delightful tush EVER.

The show was truly hilarious and one of the kind which was all down to Ray and his crew. It was original, chaotic but above all funny.

I’m happy to report Ray is alive, well, on Facebook and blogging (it is quite a nice read actually, do check it out). And some further investigation has revealed Rob the cameraman is alive and well (although I cannot confirm if his tush is still delightful).

You can check out the installment of Bingo Wall of Death with none other then Robert freaking Smith. Hello?! See – no Sookie Boozokie. And down below you can watch Cyndi Lauper’s live performance on the show (how freaking awesome is she?)

I do wish Ray the best of luck in his future endeavors and here is hoping to he finds something even better then Most Wanted down the road. I know I for one would tune in.

So tell me dear readers, anyone else watched Most Wanted or am I the resident loony regular? :)