Lost Ruminations

Image: ABC/Mario Perez

Dear faithful readers,

I just realized the other day as I was watching the 10th episode of Lost that I haven’t written about it (not even once!) ever since it started. And there are only 6 episodes left! SIX!

And for the most part I have steered clear off any articles/spoilers/comment sections. I did check out the comments over at Pop Candy after the first episode (the Lost comments are brilliant!) but it got to be such an information overload and so many possible theories floating about I just gave up. I want to enjoy what is left of the series, draw my own conclusions and theories and I can always read up on it later in case there is something particular I don’t understand (and chances of that pretty steep :)

I will pop over to Amy’s just to check out her latest ruminations (because usually she spots something I might have missed or might have theory that I find intriguing). But that is about it.

And you know what – it’s kind of liberating not to be thinking about the meaning behind meaning or quantum theories or whathaveyou.

Just a couple of points really:

  • Terry O’Quinn is amazing. Really. His whole transformation from dead Locke to Smokey thing/Man in black/whateverthehellheis is just unbelievable. From a man who was so lost (ha!) and seeking redemption into this thing that knows no fear. It’s palpable. Or at least to me it is. And he portrayal is outstanding.
    (on a side note Locke flashback, well flash sideway or whatever you’d like to call them are still the most interesting).
  • Jack is not an ass anymore. Who would have thought? As someone commented over at Amy’s blog it’s nice to love Jack again. Well I wouldn’t go THAT far, but I definitely like him again.
  • I also love the fact we are given answers and/or something is explained in every single episode. I know, I know it is only to be expected since it is the last season BUT 5 seasons of little or no answers did make me think that some things will never ever be explained.
  • Still love Sawyer (and if you want to see something hilarious check this post over at GMMR. Given it is a bit repetitive but funny nonetheless).
  • Still LOVE Hurley (and if you want to check out Jorge Garcia’s podcast you can do so at Geronimo Jack’s Beard).
  • I am kind of glad the temple storyline is done although I still really don’t comprehend WTF that was about. And speaking of which – that scene when Ben Linus comes to get Sayid and he just turned to the dark side? UN-freaking-believable, you can totally see in the eyes.
  • Love the fact Desmond is back. And not only that love the fact he is important in the general scheme of things. Bless, I like our designated button pusher.
  • Last but not least (and yes I am a shallow blogger!) that rat mop on top of Claire’s head? Seriously? I think even without that we would get the picture she went a bit gaga in the head what with that skull with buttons or whatever they were in the crib. Just saying.

So tell me dear readers, hating or loving the last season of Lost? Will you miss when it’s gone? And is there anything more you are still dying to find out?