What’s cooking?

Dear faithful readers,

I am still watching Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets. As I said before the man is clearly passionate about food which makes his program a joy to watch. His recipes on the other hand… well… I would need an Adam of my own in the kitchen (one of his chefs who is always on hand and keeps bringing him stuff to cook with) and I am still not certain I would be able to pull some of these recipes off. Pigeon in a salt pastry crust? First of all pigeon – ew (and that comes from a person who has eaten snails). And second of all – the man actually made a pastry that resembles a pigeon with little birdy head (with cloves representing the eyes, natch) and wings – now that is some serious passion and dedication. Or pure lunacy depending which way you want to look at it (see the pastry is discarded after baking in the oven).
But definitely, definitely worth the watch! And always good for a giggle.

Another program I watched and enjoyed is Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food. Now given it is 2 years old but I’ve enjoyed it nonetheless. On the back of Fifteen and School Dinners (which I both loved) Jamie Oliver wants to start another revolution this time in homes across Britain to get people to start cooking again. Obesity is a growing problem in Britain and when in first episode you are introduced to Natasha whose children have never in their life had a home cooked meal and are living off kebabs and other junk food you begin to get a glimpse of the sheer scope of the problem. The main focus might be not cooking per se, rather giving people the skills to take care of themselves and their families. But when you see a tough miner who never in his 50 odd years cooked a meal come to grip with a pan, chicken breast and prosciutto, well it’s gripping telly. What I appreciate about Jamie Oliver is the fact that (unlike Ramsay) he genuinely wants to help and dives right into this projects. Plus he is definitely not too prissy and fussy with his food. And if you check out the Ministry of Food website you can see for yourself the recipes are dead easy.

Jamie Oliver’s American Road Trip

I have just started on this one and it does look promising. I’ve watched just one episode and so far he has managed to get trippy on mescal and he prepared a delicious looking fish enchiladas and his huevos rancheros looked to die for.

Also his new show Food Revolution is premiering on ABC this Friday, you can check the trailer below.

Anyhow dear readers as you can see I’m obsessed with cooking shows of late. Do tell me what is there any particular chef you like to watch on the telly? Is there any great cooking show I might be missing? Do let me know in the comments below.