Cooking with Sandra Lee

Dear faithful readers,

you know I like my cooking shows. Sure I do get irritated beyond belief when any given chef fiddles with food preparation but that’s my bad since I am not very patient by nature and I like to keep my food simple (plus some stuff just refuses to cooperate no matter how hard I try – gelatin always without fail goes all horribly wrong on me so I just might be bitter).

Anyhow I found these clips on YouTube and at first I thought it must be a joke of some sort. I am all about being thrifty, on the budget and also about things being simple but this takes the biscuit altogether. Sandra Lee is a cook book author AND as you can see below has a show on Food Network. It boggles the mind. I’ll be the first to admit my cooking can go well… not according to plan especially if I am making something for the first time. And I have been known to try and patch things up the best as I can – for example if cakes goes all un-photogenic I will just use whipped cream as a frosting but at least I will make whipped cream myself (a trick an aunt of friend taught me :) You know – from scratch, with cream and all. This just seems horribly unhealthy.

But obviously there is a market for such a thing as Sandra Lee would not be writing cook books otherwise.
I do think it is a) hilarious and b) Raymond Blanc would have a coronary on the spot if he saw this.