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Dear readers,

have you checked out Raymond Blanc’s Kitchen Secrets? You know I love a good cooking show and even though I wasn’t too thrilled with Mr. Blanc after the disaster that was the latest edition of his reality show The Restaurant I wanted to see what he would come up with in this latest TV escapade (I didn’t even know it was starting until I saw a post on TV Scoop).

The premise of the show is that in each episode Blanc uses one ingredient (so far we have covered chocolate and fish) and shows us different ways they can be prepared. The recipes that he uses go from rather simple to extremely difficult (at least in my opinion – honestly thermometer to check if chocolate has been heated at just the right temperature, hmmm yes I’ll do just that :)

The first episode that covered chocolate went from very simple chocolate mousse (that looked delicious) to fancy cup (and saucer) made from chocolate and filled with some sort of coffee cream with truffles on the side. The thing is Raymond Blanc makes it look so easy and so effortless for a second there I thought I would be able to reproduce a chocolate coffee cup (saucer included) at home. And then I remembered what happened when I tried to make a simple chestnut puree from scratch (the mincing machine flew off of the table where I adjusted it and in the process I broke a glass bowl and cut my finger). So I would advise to stick to the simple recipes (at least in the beginning) and leave the more complicated stuff for later (and after you have purchased the blasted thermometer). Check out the chocolate recipes at BBC website.

In this latest episode fish was covered and I have to say I was quite amazed. Because it made me quite hungry for fish. I enjoy fish and chips as much as the next person and I love it grilled but I would never in a million years think I would look at fish stew and think – ha! that looks tasty! You can check out the recipes for fish dishes yourself. (down at the bottom of the page).

So all in all this series is quite a big hit with me. It also helps that Blanc (unlike Ramsay) doesn’t shout at all (AT! ALL!) and is quite goofy in the kitchen (drops things and somesuch which made me feel million times better since that happens to me too). But all goofiness and thick French accent aside it is a pleasure to watch a master at work.

Source: TV Scoop

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  2. Hi there, thank you for that. I was trying to find a filling stew recipe to help me get through the christmas month, and this seems perfect. I found a whole stew recipes site here too that seems to have tons of good ideas, maybe you can get some more inspiration there. Anyway, thanks again, I will bookmark and read more another time 😉

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