Why you should watch Ugly Betty


Image: ABC

Dear faithful readers,

have you been watching Ugly Betty this season?

You know you totally should. It has been my “feel good” TV for a while although I will admit they have been threading water in season three. But this season has been quite, quite good. And fun. Much like Betty herself who is going through a transformation of a sort, the series is going through its Renaissance. It is not that they have changed the format or anything of the sort I think the writers just built upon what they already had and made it 10 times better.

The story lines are interesting but not OTT, some fresh blood has been brought in the form of Adam Rodriguez (of CSI fame who seems to be flourishing now that he got away from Horatio Caine’s watchful eye) and I’m still totally loving on Betty, Mark, Amanda, Hilda, Justin. Even Daniel. And some rumors have been floating around that Liza Minelli is set to appear on the show. If true how utterly, utterly fab! (Cabaret is one of my all time favorites).

I do hate it when network start to mess around with shows (only with the ones I like, natch) but when they start changing air times and air dates etc it never, ever bodes well (think Jericho, Eli Stone, hell any show you might have liked that got canceled. Once they start fiddling with it, it is never for the better). Ugly Betty’s ratings have been (for the lack of a better word) dismal this season (compared to when the series started). And it is irks me just so because the show by far surpassed everything they have done so far.

Maybe they should bring in Salma Hayek again. Maybe they only have one season left in them, but be as it may my dear readers do give it a watch I promise you you won’t be disappointed.