Some tidbits and links


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For any of you readers still watching House do pop over to Give Me My Remote and show Erik some comment love – even though I don’t watch House anymore his recaps are the best ever and the discussion is always lively.

Jennifer Morrison returns to House (good for her but I hope they give her something better to work with this time around) – EW

ABC is NOT giving up on V and Flashforward – Scifiwire

A new intro for Perfect Strangers (I really did love that show and to this day I’m curious how exactly did they make those bibibabkas) – Pop Candy

Is Star Trek better then Doctor Who (it’s not really about that but check it out anyway) – TV Scoop

I will be the first one to say to pull the plug so not to drag it out but Supernatural has been so damn good this season one more year would not be a hardship – EW

Zap 2 It has a handy guide for the midseason TV shows – Zap 2 It

Go and read some Wil Wheaton go on, you know you want to – WWdN

Jorge Garcia and the polar bear – Dispatches from the Island

Speaking of Lost if you want to discuss the Last Supper promo photos head over to our friend Amy – TV Tyrant

I know this is old-ish but Stephen King’s top 10 movies of 2009 and even more interesting top 10 books of 2009 – EW

Don’t forget Leverage returned so make sure to watch

And a bit of a bad news – Michael C Hall is battling cancer, sending some good thoughts his way and wish him speedy and complete recovery – Telegraph