Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday

Dear faithful readers,

I do know we haven’t done one of our Stephen Fry Appreciation Mondays in a while. So you probably know that our Mr. Fry has gone into communication shut down until April to work on the second installment of his memoirs (in case you didn’t know you can read about it over at his blog). Now we only have to sit tight and wait until October when the book should be out (or at least that is the information that I have). I would be lying if I didn’t say that I am extremely curious what this book is going to be like – I mean the whole Cambridge and after-Cambridge stuff is bound to be interesting and well if Moab is anything to go by I know we can expect very candid reminiscence.

Anyhow I have been reading the Oscar Wilde book through the Christmas period and although it is a collection of children’s stories I have enjoyed it quite a bit. Do give it a read if you still haven’t (it was out of stock for a while but it is now available on both Amazon and Book Depository).

And last but not least I leave you with his nugget of information I have read ages go but didn’t post for some reason – in an interview for the People magazine Hugh Laurie said the following:

We’ll definitely be doing more Fry and Laurie, he said. “We used to talk about doing something like a stage review. Stand-up comedy is a massive industry now but actual sketch comedy on stage I don’t think anyone is really doing that now, and that’s something we thought we would try and do.”

I know I’d be willing to stand in line to get tickets for that particular show. Or the memoirs launch – I’m not fussy that way :)

Source: Buddy TV