End of the year TV review

The end of year is near and it is always time for lists. This is the year I have given up on Heroes (not surprisingly) and on House (quite shocking really). The year when I discovered Gavin and Stacey and realized really none does comedy better then the Brits.

This is the year when I saw the preview of Kingdom and Stephen Fry in flesh tee hee (mind still boggles over that one).

So in the spirit of the winding down for the holiday, here is my list of TV shows I really enjoyed this year.
And of course do let me know in comments if there is anything you have really, REALLY loved watching this year.

Supernatural– if there was one show this year for which I can say I have honestly enjoyed every single episode then it would be Supernatural. While in a way it is still formulaic as it was when it began I love, love, love where the writers have taken it this season. The writers are in the zone and it shows. And I love the mythology of the show and how the story is unfolding. If this indeed is the last season then Supernatural is really going out with a bang.

Torchwood – when I heard Torchwood was cut short to just 5 episodes I admit I had my doubts. But after seeing the first episode it far surpassed any expectations I might have had. And I was totally hooked. It was bigger, better, scarier then anything we have seen previously but still sufficiently cheesy enough so we don’t forget John Barrowman likes to ham it up. If you still haven’t seen Children of the Earth I would urge you to watch it.

Lost – because it is Lost. Because Lost has changed TV as we know it. And because even though Damon Lindelof and J. J. Abrams did make mistake (like all of season 3) it was still better, much much better then daily TV drivel we have the misfortune to be exposed to. This season kept us on our toes (or it kept me on my toes) and February cannot come soon enough. I’ll be bummed when it ends but it was one hell of a ride.

Flashforward – this series was dubbed Lost 2.0 and I don’t think that is really fair. I did enjoy the first episode and while it might have had (and probably will have in the future) it’s fits and starts I’m intrigued by the premise, I love the story arcs, the twists and turns and the acting is up the par. What more can you possibly ask for?

Paradox – this is a relatively fresh offering and I have been meaning to do a review for a while now (I am hesitant to review any show before I have seen at least 3 episodes because lets face it there are plenty of duds). It is something similar to Flashforward but since Brits don’t bother with 24 episodes each season the story is much more fast paced and you actually gets some answers that are important for the overall story.

Come Dine With Me – I saw an episode of Come Dine With Me when I was in England. And it was one of the most hilarious things I have seen this year. If you are unfamiliar with the concept – 5 amateur chefs host dinner parties and each week one winner is chosen to claim Ł1000. The one I have seen featured a white witch that lived at a cemetery and who made a curry with 18 spices (then she complained it might be too spicy), a self made man who owns two casinos but is too cheap so he buys pig trotters (all of Ł1 for the lot) and Elaine whose avocado dressing started to resemble dog poo. Hil-bloody-larious!

Battlestar Galatica – while I wasn’t blown away but the very ending of BSG I still think it was a great show and it is sorely missed. Although I do agree with the show creators who wanted to end on a high. Try as I might I am still on the look out for a satisfying substitute but it has eluded me so far. If any of you fellow readers have any suggestions do leave them in the comments section below.

True Blood – how can you not love True Blood? It is cheesy, sometimes gross but always entertaining. It was a bit slow going in the beginning but it more then made up for it towards the end. Although I’m still baffled with vampire Bill and his whole fringe/bangs situ – are they trying to make him look less appealing on purpose? I know – we have already established I am a shallow, shallow blogger.

Kingdom – you know by now that my fondness for Mr. Fry knows no bounds. And I was really, REALLY disappointed ITV has decided to cancel Kingdom (and not only because we were supposed to visit the set). I thought this season was the best out of the three and it only adds to my chagrin they have ended it with a cliffhanger. Market Shipborough residents – you will be sorely missed.

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