7 of my favorite british comedy characters

Dear faithful readers,

by now you know I love me some British comedy. Others might try and usually fail miserably but there is nothing, honestly nothing better then watching an old episode of Ab Fab or Only Fools and Horses to lift your spirits considerably. Plus with this god awful weather we have been having every little bit helps doesn’t it?

So here is a selection of 7 of my favorite British comedy characters.

Tell me dear readers what are your favorite British comedy characters? Is there anyone who gives you the exceptional case of the giggles? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Mr. Humphries (Are You Being Served?)

How can you not just adore Mr. Humphries? I know John Inman was very good as a pantomime dame but honestly to me he will always be the lovely Mr. Humphries with his funny walk and good number of catch phrases.

Victor Meldrew (One Foot In The Grave)

Tee hee need I say more then “I don’t believe it!”? I don’t think so.

Mrs Slocombe (Are You Being Served?)

Ah the wonderful Mrs Slocombe and her pussy. Another favorite from Are You Being Served?

Baldrick (Blackadder)

While I might not be squeamish by nature Baldrick can still gross me out like nobody’s business. And when you consider how many times I have seen all the Blackadder episodes that is no mean feat.

Hyacinth Bucket (Keeping up Appearances)

It should go without saying – it is pronounced Bouquet not Bucket.

Patsy (Absolutely Fabulous)

Ah Patsy and Eddy – they have managed to make a rather gloomy January in Birmingham into a manageable one.

Grandad (Only Fools and Horses)

Regular viewers of Only Fools and Horses know that Grandad was replaced with Uncle Albert later in the series. But even though Uncle Albert could be rather amusing he could never replace Grandad in my affections.

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