V – love it or hate it?!


Dear faithful readers,

I have finally gotten around to watch V. I know I know, I had a back log however since there isn’t much on telly these days I have finally taken the plunge. Before I even start I do have to say I haven’t watched the original mini-series so I cannot compare and contrast how bad (or good) the new series is.

Ever since Battlestar Galatica ended I was on the look out for a new science fiction series I could follow. I have given up on Heroes ages ago and nothing really fit the bill. And even though good few people told me they thought V was meh at best I do have to say I enjoyed it quite a bit. Given it might not be as fast paced or happening as the first season of Battlestar Galatica but I think it is going along nicely at the moment to be considered as a possible contender.

One day out of nowhere space ships appear over 29 of the biggest cities in the world. Anna, the leader of the Visitors claims they have come in peace. However it very soon turns out humanity cannot take the Vs at face value. An agent with FBI’s counter terrorist unit Erica Evans (played by Elizabeth Mitchell of Lost fame) learns the Vs have been on Earth for decades and they have planted a number of “sleeper agents” that have infiltrated all pores of the society and are getting ready to take over the world. Erica joins a Resistance movement which tries to uncover the Vs and prevent them in their evil (and as Baldrick would say a cunning plan). The series also stars Joel Gretsch (of The 4400 fame) as a Catholic priest who joins the ranks of the Resistance.

Vs so far has been relatively fast paced, there are plenty of twists and turns and every episode has ended with a good cliff hanger that is intriguing enough to make me watch the next episode. I do enjoy the performances of Mitchell, Gretsch and Morena Baccarin as the charismatic and manipulative leader of the Vs. Specials effects are also nothing to sneer at since you do have to take into account this is a television show rather then a feature length movie.

The only thing I find a bit concerning is the fact four episodes have aired in November and ABC plans to put the series on hold until march after the Winter Olympics end. The second networks start meddling with time slots and air dates etc my alarm bells are going off since it takes a series a bit more then just 4 episodes to establish itself and find it’s footing. Hopefully it is unfounded cynicism on my part since I for one would like to see where V is headed.

So tell me dear readers, have any of you seen V? And if you did what are your thoughts? Love it, hate it or you think it is just meh? Leave your comments in the space below.

The parting of ways


8 episodes into the sixth season of House the time has come for me to stop watching the show.

I know who would have thought it would come to this? Unfortunately try as I may and no matter how many excuses I have made over the last year and a half (and that is an enthusiastic estimate on my part) and no matter how much I am fond of Hugh Laurie and his thespian talents I simply cannot watch anymore (hint – once you start fast forwarding every single episode it just might mean the time has come to quit).

The show I knew and genuinely enjoyed is gone. What was once a show filled with medical mysteries, outrageous cases, moral dilemmas and interesting patients of the week (do you know I can only remember 2 patients from last year?) is now soap-ish drama with some medicine thrown in. Story lines have gone from bad to worse, all the subtle hints and nuances are gone, writing is contrived, dumbed down, haphazard and botched up and continuity went out of the window.

And don’t even start me on the characters – Cuddy got turned into a limpish caricature, Foreman is the same as he ever was and showing no character progress whatsoever and they are turning my lovely Wilson into a Huddy Cupid/life coach/shadow of his former self. Taub is tolerable while Thirteen makes me feel no emotion whatsoever. While I adore Hugh Laurie and would be happy to watch him read newspapers all day long, it is uncomfortable for me to watch him struggle with some really bad writing.

The only other person that showed some acting oomph was Jennifer Morrison. Her scenes with Hugh Laurie last season did remind me why I enjoyed the show so much to begin with. Unfortunately now she too has been written out in a piss poor lets-get-her-out-of-the-door-fast manner that really do not justice to Morrison or her character.

For shows that have been on as long as House it is necessary to shake things up and make some changes to keep it current. I believe the stage for that was successfully set with this season’s premiere. But instead of utilizing on that opportunity the best House writers could come up with was this… I’m trying to find a word that wouldn’t be too horrible but … it has to be rubbish.

I was once told that if you support a football team (as in soccer for our American friends) you stick by them through thick and thin, win, lose, no matter what. I never was one of them whatyoucallthem shippers but I do consider myself a genuine fan of the show. So I am not writing any of this lightly.

But my patience (after 3 years mind you) has worn thin and it is time to bid House goodbye. It has been fun while it lasted but the time has come to see other people :)

Now where did my put my DVDs of A Bit of Fry and Laurie? :)

Gavin and Stacey – trailer series 3

Dear faithful readers,

I do apologize for things being quiet last week but I was away on a much needed holiday. Yes I do actually go on a holiday in middle of November (no better time actually, well ok perhaps maybe March would be a better time but lets not be fussy).

So I am trying to catch up on my work, others bits and bobs and of course telly watching. I have finally managed to see V week before last (review of that should be up later this week). The only thing I have actually managed to watch since I got back is Supernatural (which was bloody brilliant).

But before I dwell into any of that I would like to ask you to check out the trailer down below.

Yay the new season of Gavin and Stacey starts this Thursday!

Since the Christmas break is upon us, series are winding down and the only thing there will be left to watch will be Charlton Heston as Moses and let-my-people-go combined with a number of Christmassy specials and movies. I would urge you my dear faithful readers to use this time and get your hands on previous two seasons of Gavin and Stacey and give it a watch. Pretty please? :)

It has the most wonderful bunch of characters, most wonderful story lines and most importantly – it is absolutely hilarious. As you can tell I absolutely love it. Do give it a whirl and let me know if you liked it.

7 of my favorite british comedy characters

Dear faithful readers,

by now you know I love me some British comedy. Others might try and usually fail miserably but there is nothing, honestly nothing better then watching an old episode of Ab Fab or Only Fools and Horses to lift your spirits considerably. Plus with this god awful weather we have been having every little bit helps doesn’t it?

So here is a selection of 7 of my favorite British comedy characters.

Tell me dear readers what are your favorite British comedy characters? Is there anyone who gives you the exceptional case of the giggles? Do let us know in the comment section below.

Mr. Humphries (Are You Being Served?)

How can you not just adore Mr. Humphries? I know John Inman was very good as a pantomime dame but honestly to me he will always be the lovely Mr. Humphries with his funny walk and good number of catch phrases.

Victor Meldrew (One Foot In The Grave)

Tee hee need I say more then “I don’t believe it!”? I don’t think so.

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