Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – or a lesson in cleaning up your own shit

Stephen Fry And Alistar Campbell Photocall

Dear faithful readers,

I don’t know if you are aware of this (and I don’t blame if you are not) but Mr. Fry was involved in a bit of controversy a few weeks ago. When I say a bit of a controversy I actually mean a big old controversy because he only managed to insult the whole population of Poland. If you do want to read what was said I’m sure you will be able to google it and find it on your own.

And don’t worry I do not plan to defend the man, what he said cannot be defended. One of my best friends in the whole world is from Poland and since I am the type of person to take agin people* who insult my friends I was offended on her behalf. I am a firm believer in “think before you speak” rule – a) it saves you a lot of bother in the long run and b) honesty is all fine and dandy but I also believe that the term “brutally honest” was coined by people who are obnoxious and rude pricks.

Having said that we are all humans and fallible by definition. Sometimes the words are out of your mouth before you even had the chance to process them properly. Luckily for me I do have my privacy. So if I screw up I can clear up my own mess without it being picked, prodded and analyzed by all the major news outlets. Unfortunately Mr. Fry is not in that position (which should make “think before you speak” rule a prerogative).

But the words left his mouth and there it was – this big piece of a unprocessed brain fart. And you just have to read the apology he wrote down below and get a glimpse why I am so fond of the man. It is a lesson to us all in accountability and clearing up your own shit.

I take this opportunity to apologise now. I said a stupid, thoughtless and fatuous thing. It detracted from and devalued my argument, such as it was, and it outraged and offended a large group of people for no very good reason. I am sorry in all directions, and all the more sorry because it is no one’s fault but my own, which always makes it so much worse. And sorry because I didn’t have the wit, style, grace or guts to apologise at the first opportunity.

As ever he does go on a bit but you can read the whole thing here.

*it should read take against people; but I have read/loved/borrowed shamelessly this turn of a phrase from one of Marian Keyes books, who although a chick lit writer is bloody brilliant.

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