When TV and fashion mix – 9 fashion forward shows of the last few decades

Fashion can be many things. Outrageous, fun and interesting (think Alexander McQueen or Vivienne Westwood). Or it can be down right stupid (think pin size models with lollipop heads). But no matter what you might think of fashion – whether you live by the latest trends or could not care less what is fashionable at the moment – it is a billion dollar industry. It is no wonder many designers and fashion houses are joined at the hip with some of our favorite TV shows. So lets take the look at some of the more fashion forward TV shows that made for some interesting fashion choices over the years.

Sex and the City – the be-all-and-end-all of fashion forward shows. Thanks to Patricia Fields and her unique vision and aesthetics each of the characters made her own fashion statement. And we all gobbed it up even though rare are the few that can afford those shoes, let alone handbags or all of those lovely clothes. Given some of the stuff Carrie wore looked plain ridiculous and would make any normal woman look like a twit but you do have to admire their gall and sass.



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