Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday or You are being shagged by a rare parrot

Dear faithful readers,

No – you have not messed your dates up – it really is not Monday. And I am aware we have not done one of our Stephen Fry Appreciation Mondays in a while. I do apologize but I was lacking inspiration. That does not mean I am any less fond of Mr. Fry but I’m not going to drum out a post just for the sake of it, you know what I mean? :)

So while I write about other bits and bobs to keep you entertained I had to share this because quite frankly it gave me a fit of giggles. Good heavens – this particular parrot does really not know when to let up and maybe just maybe bless him but if he knew how to distinguish between a human head and another parrot the species just might not be on the verge of extinction.

Does it come as a surprise this is turning into a YouTube hit already? :)

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