Golden oldies that never get old

Dear faithful readers,

since the chilly autumn weather is upon us it got me thinking about those old movies that are a bit like comfort food. Sure I do not mind trying out something new and exciting but sometimes you just crave something that is familiar, good and tasty.

Don’t get me wrong I do like my Fight Club and whathaveyou but sometimes I just crave a movie I have seen a million times but I still find funny and entertaining.

Here are a few movies I can watch time and time again without getting bored.

The Dirty Dozen – how can you ever tire of the Dirty Dozen? How can you not swoon over how dashing Donald Sutherland looked in younger days or how ruggedly handsome Lee Marvin was? I think it’s funny, entertaining and I really liked the story. And I still do. It never gets old.


The Wizard of Oz – this one is totally a girly movie – from the technicolor, gorgeous, eye popping set right down to the musical numbers and Dorothy’s oh-so-pretty ruby Mary Jane’s. I love this movie, it is an escapist fantasy. And I find the munchkins and the wicked witches a bit scary. To this day. I know – pathetic!


The Sound of Music – ha I bet you you know every score in The Sound of Music. I know I do. It usually gets shoved down our throats during Christmas and rightly so since it is cheesy, soppy and decidedly kitsch but the music and breathtaking panorama of Salzburg sucks me right in every single time.

sound of music

Irma la Douce – have you seen this one? Jack Lemmon plays an ex Parisian cop who falls in love with Irma (played by Shirley MacLaine) and he invents a rich alter ego in a bid to pay Irma for her time and keep her off the streets. Given it is not Billy Wilder’s best work but I love the set (LOVE it!) and I love Shirley MacLaine and her gorgeous little pooch. It is quite good for a few giggles too :)


Roman Holiday – ah as if the ever dashing Gregory Peck and simply exquisite Audrey Hepburn are not enough, this lovely movie is set in Rome. It is impossible for me to watch this movie and not feel my spirits lifting. And I do get the urge to chop off my hair too, it is way too long anyway.


Some Like It Hot – another Billy Wilder classic – you have Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis in a drag plus Marilyn Monroe. And it’s funny. And glitzy. And entertaining.


Le gendarme de St. Tropez – I like the French – so sue me. I loved (loved!) Gendarme movies when I was little. I love Louis de Funes. He plays an ambitious cop from a small town who gets reinstated in Saint Tropez. His daughter loves it. He on the other hand does not. Beautiful scenery that will make you crave a trip down to the South of France. And it is quite funny too.


Pillow Talk – I simply could not make a list without including at least one Rock Hudson – Doris Day movie. Simply because. He is handsome, she is pretty, given the story line is not too taxing but it delights me every time.


Anything by Hitchcock – now I know this does not really fit in with the whole comfort movie/fantasy vibe of the previous picks but I do love Hitchcock so much it had to make the list. Whether it is Rear Window, North By Northwest or Vertigo I do love them all. But I do have to state quite clearly I do not count The Birds or Psycho under the comfort category – these movies still do give me the creeps :)


So back to you dear readers – what are some of the golden oldies you have enjoyed over the years? What is your choice of movies you can watch time and time again and not get bored?

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  1. I see you like Jack Lemmon, how about “Days of Wine and Roses” or “the Apartment”, I could watch it a million times..

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