Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – or a lesson in cleaning up your own shit

Stephen Fry And Alistar Campbell Photocall

Dear faithful readers,

I don’t know if you are aware of this (and I don’t blame if you are not) but Mr. Fry was involved in a bit of controversy a few weeks ago. When I say a bit of a controversy I actually mean a big old controversy because he only managed to insult the whole population of Poland. If you do want to read what was said I’m sure you will be able to google it and find it on your own.

And don’t worry I do not plan to defend the man, what he said cannot be defended. One of my best friends in the whole world is from Poland and since I am the type of person to take agin people* who insult my friends I was offended on her behalf. I am a firm believer in “think before you speak” rule – a) it saves you a lot of bother in the long run and b) honesty is all fine and dandy but I also believe that the term “brutally honest” was coined by people who are obnoxious and rude pricks.

Having said that we are all humans and fallible by definition. Sometimes the words are out of your mouth before you even had the chance to process them properly. Luckily for me I do have my privacy. So if I screw up I can clear up my own mess without it being picked, prodded and analyzed by all the major news outlets. Unfortunately Mr. Fry is not in that position (which should make “think before you speak” rule a prerogative).

But the words left his mouth and there it was – this big piece of a unprocessed brain fart. And you just have to read the apology he wrote down below and get a glimpse why I am so fond of the man. It is a lesson to us all in accountability and clearing up your own shit.

I take this opportunity to apologise now. I said a stupid, thoughtless and fatuous thing. It detracted from and devalued my argument, such as it was, and it outraged and offended a large group of people for no very good reason. I am sorry in all directions, and all the more sorry because it is no one’s fault but my own, which always makes it so much worse. And sorry because I didn’t have the wit, style, grace or guts to apologise at the first opportunity.

As ever he does go on a bit but you can read the whole thing here.

*it should read take against people; but I have read/loved/borrowed shamelessly this turn of a phrase from one of Marian Keyes books, who although a chick lit writer is bloody brilliant.

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TV season so far


Dear faithful readers,

how is your TV season shaping out?

I do have to admit I find it all a bit… well… meh really. I haven’t even started on Dexter (which used to be a favorite of mine), I only watched one episode of Dollhouse and thinking of kicking it to the curb because quite frankly I don’t know where they are going with it and I am way behind with Mad Men.
Fringe is so-so but I’m hanging in there because unlike with Dollhouse there seems to be some sort of a global game plan. While I was blown away by House season premiere at the moment I am seconds away from giving up on the show. I know I cannot believe it either what am I supposed to do for my Hugh Laurie weekly fix? But that is a topic for another blog post altogether.

There is one show that is all sorts of awesome and I’m frankly quite surprised how consistently good it is – Supernatural.

I know it is supposed to be the last season so it is only expected the writers really want it to go out in a blaze of glory (how very Bon Jovi of them) but each and every episode this season has been awesome. I was not bored once – hell I didn’t even want to go to the loo in case I might have missed something. While the whole apocalypse thing is scary to even contemplate it has been made just scary enough for you to get the chills but you simply cannot help yourself and be glued to your TV screen. Winchester brothers are at their best – there is enough of misery, hurt and distrust there to make it interesting but they are learning to get along all over again. And of course some scenes are funny as hell (Cas as a figurine?! I want to kiss whoever came up with that because I had a good old proper belly laugh that I haven’t had in ages).

I’m telling you – Supernatural writers are in the zone and it totally shows.

So tell me dear readers – how is your TV season shaping up? Have you given up on some of your favorites? Have you found some new ones? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

Dear faithful readers,

have you seen the trailer for Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus? I’ll be the first to admit these types of movies are really not for me. I mean just look at the trailer – visual overload galore. It usually leaves me jittery somehow and I have a hard time concentrating on the story line. To be fair I do suck at multitasking plus sometimes I do drink too much coffee.

But I do understand it is only to be expected since Terry Gilliam was a cartoonist and worked in animation to begin with. And I did like Brazil, 12 Monkeys and The Fisher King. I don’t even have to mention Monty Python.
But I just might give this one a go, I’m quite intrigued to see how they have incorporate Colin Farrell/Jude Law/Johnny Depp into one role. And just to be on the safe side I’ll try not to drink any coffee before hand.

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My guilty pleasure – Flipping Out

Oh how the mighty have fallen. You know I might have never watched an episode of Gossip Girl, not even one episode of the all new (but not improved) Beverly Hills or Melrose Place but I am no better. I might think I am a snob but I am not. I am a total pleb.

Given I still haven’t stooped as low as to watch any of the Real Housewives series but I might just as well. Oh I can be as snobbish as the next person when it comes to movies, but when it comes to television – I do recognize good shows (I am not THAT blond after all) but that does not stop me from seeing really bad ones. I am quite surprised I have actually given up on Heroes and have not had an inkling of curiosity to see it again (that should tell you how bad it actually got).

But I digress. I was meaning to tell you about my slutty, non-picky television ways. Have you ever seen Flipping Out? You totally should.
It is about Jeff Lewis who is an LA house flipper (meaning he buys houses, redesigns/remodels them and then sells them for a profit). Now before old Jeffy would flip houses for millions of dollars but since the recession hit the business has slowed down. And he has to work with clients on design/remodeling jobs.

Which would all be fine and dandy if Jeff Lewis was a normal person. But a) he has OCD – which in his case is a great thing because it makes him really good at his job and b) Jeff is not really good with people.

Jeff is the type of person who will say something rude and then ask – did I say that out loud?! Also he is a bit (read a lot) mean to his employees. If they screw up he makes them wear those white, baggy disposable overalls you can usually see on CSI and somesuch shows. And can you imagine that he has like 5 pets and a house assistant who is responsible for picking up dog poo and applying sunscreen to dogs’ noses?
Come to think of it I would pay to have someone collect dog and cat poo for me but until I am filthy rich I will have to do it myself.

Anyhow I love Jeff Lewis because he totally embraces his obsession and well madness (I do mean it in the nicest way possible). I love that. And what is even more astonishing (and I guess that would come after seeing season 1) here you have a person who is genuinely trying to do and be better (yes even after you have seen the clip below, this is a much improved version of Jeff Lewis). Which in reality TV terms is virtually impossible. And even though he is totally mean and I would never in a million years be able to work for him Jeff Lewis is hilarious.

So if you get the chance do check out Flipping Out. Oh and check out Jeff in action down below.

So tell me about your slutty television ways dear readers – what are your guilty pleasures?

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