Are you ready to be spooked?!

Dear faithful readers,

are you ready to be spooked?

Obviously I can watch a horror. A good one mind you. I am also not a connoisseur – it is not necessary for The Ring to be the original Japanese version or whathaveyou. I am not a total snob after all.

But I do remember when Blair Witch Project was all the rage and I just could not for the life of me understand what the fuss is about. Yes I do understand it was made for like a 100 dollars and it made millions but the camera work made me dizzy and all those up close shots of their snotty faces – yes I get it, you are scared. Seriously! I mean give me Saw any day of the week. Yes it’s gross but at least it has the surprise factor.  Or Supernatural for that matter – that show spooks me out on regular basis.

So now there is a new movie out and yes it is another indy feature that is supposed to spook you senseless. If the trailer is anything to go by the filmmakers have obviously spent more then 100 dollars shooting this thing. And I have not so far one snotty face peering into the camera.  All might not be lost. Check out the trailer for Paranormal Activity below.

Do You Need A Laugh?

Jam and Jerusalem

Written by Jennifer Saunders and with a superb cast of Sue Johnston, Dawn French, Pauline McLynn, Saunders herself and even Joanna Lumley in the first season Jam and Jerusalem is a recent discovery of mine. The tale of a Woman’s Guild in a small town of Clatterford St. Mary is very giggle inducing and well worth the watch. There were 2 proper seasons and the third season had 3 one hour long episodes. Think English countryside in Midsomer Murders. But obviously without the body count of 5 dead people per episode.


The Royle Family

To my shame I have never heard of the Royle Family until I saw the Christmas special last year. I didn’t even realize it had a cult following. It is a modern comedy of manners which basically means the actors just sit there, watch the telly and chat to each other, doesn’t sound like much does it? But it is definitely worth checking out and well if you have to start somewhere and see whether or not it is worth the watch I would suggest to start with the Christmas special – it had me in stitches. Who would have thought that watching people just sitting around could be so entertaining? On the side note – I dare you NOT to laugh at their tropical punch!


2point4 Children

2point4 Children is an old favorite of mine that I have completely and utterly forgot about when I was making my Best of British shows list. It is a story about the average and ordinary family that encounter rather odd (and that is putting it mildly) circumstances and events in each and every episode. Bill (played by Belinda Lang) the matriarch of the family is exceptionally hilarious. Truly a must see. Loved.It!


After You’ve Gone

I had a soft spot for Nicholas Lyndhurst ever since I watched him in Only Fools and Horses (I did grow up watching that stuff). I caught this one on telly last year and while it definitely is not of the same caliber it does remind me a bit of 2 point 4 children. Lyndhurst plays a Jack of all trades that is left to take care of his teenage children while his ex-wife goes off to Africa to be an aid worker. He is helped by his (very!) nosy mother in law played by Celia Imrie.


Birds of a Feather

Another old favorite that has not graced out screens since 1998 Birds of a Feather stars Paulina Quirke (as Sharon Theodopolopodos) and Linda Robson (as Tracey Stubbs) who play two sisters whose husbands end up in prison for armed robbery. So Sharon (who lives on an rough estate) moves in with Tracey who lives in a posh house in a posh neighborhood in Essex. The series ran for 9 seasons and had 102 episodes altogether which should tell you it was quite good otherwise it wouldn’t be commissioned for so long.


So tell me dear readers apart from the obvious favorite like One Foot in the Grave, Fawlty Towers and Blackadder do you have any more obscure comedy favorites? Do leave them in the comments section below.

House – what did you think?


Dear faithful readers,

did you see House? Did ya?! Did ya?!

Truth be told I was a bit apprehensive about the whole 2 hour whatthemcallitnow TV event (honestly who WHOOO?! comes up with this bullshit titles?!) But I was pleasantly surprised. So if you haven’t seen it yet do not read any further because there might be a few spoilers along the way.

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – some links and tidbits

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

I will keep this one short and sweet, currently I am having some PC issues (damn and three shots of blast). So while my comp splitters and puffs and does what all PCs do best (not work properly) here is a quick round up of some Stephen Fry related news of the Internet.

Mr. Fry is still in LA and filming Bones – which I think is lovely but it does mean we will still have to wait ages for the next episode of Dongle *sigh* It figures just as I managed to work out a clue all by myself.

Someone wants to play naked scrabble with Stephen Fry (tee hee!)

Norwich had it’s first ever Twestival last week

Lovely Mr. Fry donates a cuss to Brighton Twestival (why, why hasn’t ever asked me to donate a cuss, I could swear for most of continental Europe :)

Mr. Fry, John Sergeant and my favorite Joanna Lumley have been hired by Marks and Spencer for their Christmas campaign

Twitter, Bones and Stephen Fry in Huffington Post

And last but not least Mr. Fry beats Mark Zuckerberg AND Steve Jobs on the Tech 100 list by Tech magazine T3 (ok as far as I’m concerned Facebook is no go for me anymore but come on Steve Jobs?)

Anyhow my dear readers I will have to love you and leave you

Oh and on the side note – House! Tonight! Aaaaaargh! It better be damn good!