Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – The Best Of

Stephen Fry at The Ashes test cricket match in London, UK

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

Today I am going to present to you a list of links with some of the “best of” posts. If you are new to Couchslobs we have been running Stephen Fry Appreciation Mondays for quite some time so just in case you have missed anything. Do enjoy!

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Brat Pack – where are they now?

Dear faithful readers – by now you all know that I am a child of the 80s. And ever since the unexpected demise of John Hughes I was thinking what in the world’s name has happened to all of the actors that used to be the members of the Brat Pack? You know the ones that stared in movies such as Class, Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink and St. Elmo’s Fire to name a few.

For any of you who were born well after the 80s here is the quote from the ever dependable Wikipedia

The Brat Pack is a nickname given to a group of young actors and actresses who frequently appeared together in teen-oriented coming-of-age films in the 1980s. The term, a play on the Rat Pack from the 1950s and 1960s, was first popularized in a 1985 New York magazine cover story, which described a group of roughly interchangeable, but already highly successful and rich, teen stars.The group has been characterized by the excessive partying of core members such as Rob Lowe, Judd Nelson and Emilio Estevez,while their films have been described as representative of “the socially apathetic, cynical, money-possessed and ideologically barren eighties generation.

So lets see what they are up to now.

Andrew McCarthy

Don’t know about you dear faithful readers but for me Andrew McCarthy was the first actor that would come to mind when someone said Brat Pack. Since I never watched Lipstick Jungle nor am I a big fan of Gossip Girl (that is an understatement since I haven’t seen one episode ever) I was quite happy to see Andrew McCarthy in Royal Pains, my frothy light TV series of the summer. It is also quite satisfying to see quite a number of movies in pre-production on his IMDB listing.

The 22th Annual Second Stage Theatre All-Star Bowling Classic

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True Blood does not disappoint.


Tell me dear faithful readers – have you been watching this season of True Blood?

I do have to admit it was slow going for me this year – I watched the first episode, then wondered why was I so excited about it last year, then I watched a few episodes in a quick succession and presto – I was hooked again!

Yes I am aware it is ever so cheesy and sometimes downright bizarre but bloody hell True Blood is curiously good.

While I found some story lines rather slow going last year, this year I can actually say that there is not one story line I am not interested in. Given Jason and his stint at the Fellowship of The Sun was a bit boring for my taste but overall each and every character has been bringing the goods in this year. In fact (and if you have seen the last episode you will know what I am talking about) it was Jason that gave me the most horrible case of giggles. The writing has been of top notch quality over the last few episodes and the one liners are priceless.

Also is it just me or has this season been more vomit inducing then the last one? I realized early on I should never ever eat or snack during True Blood, but they have surpassed themselves this year (and I usually do not get gross out easily). I blame that Maryann woman a) she gives me the creeps, b) she is the main source of grossness this year and c) who in the world uses raw Kobe beef as a ritual sacrifice?! If Gordon Ramsay saw what she was doing he’d probably call her a stupid cow. Rightly so.

The only thing I don’t really get is the editing – have you noticed how scenes are cut off abruptly? I understand they want to create a cliffhanger at the end but sometimes they just do not make sense to me when they happen in the middle of the episode.

So tell me dear readers what is your take on True Blood? Love it or hate it?

Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Happy Birthday Mr. Fry!

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

And happy birthday to our lovely Mr. Fry – we wish him many happy returns, health, happiness, new creative challenges and endeavors and perhaps just a tad bit more dancing :) Honestly, it is not half as bad as he keeps pointing out.

On a side note I am totally loving the shorter blog form on his website – mind you I had no problem with blessays (although my eyes would beg to differ) however these short snippets are delightful, shorter then blessay but more elaborate then tweets. Just perfect.

Anyhow I am leaving you with Mr. Fry getting his groove on.