Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Kingdom


Dear faithful readers, happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

So have you seen the first episode of Kingdom? Have you, have you?

You can tell I am in a desperate need of a holiday when I see Wells beach and all I can think of is those divine fish and chips at French’s (well either that I need a holiday or that I am desperately hungry :) I don’t know which to be honest.

So did you like the last night’s episode? I’m so thrilled there is something to watch I can’t even begin to describe it. And I do have to go on record I absolutely love Hermione Norris. She is very giggle inducing.

Now I have pulled up the ratings (you can find them here) and it was a healthy audience of 4.95m (which is 19.1%). Given first series pulled in on average of 6m but I think there is reason to hope since:
a) Apprentice finally ended and there is literally nothing to watch and
b) ITV waited till the very last minute to change the website (tsk!)

But since I am a helpful sort for anyone who has missed the first episode you can see it on ITV’s Catchup. Now this is for UK viewers only.

US viewers can check Kingdom out on Hulu. Given it is only first season but this was actually a good move on ITV’s part so yay for that!
So our dear faithful US readers if you haven’t seen Kingdom before do give it a whirl why don’t you? :)

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