What To Watch?!


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Dear faithful readers,

have you noticed there is nothing (NOTHING!) on the telly at the moment? Well nothing that I would consider worth watching anyway. It is official – it is a barren TV wasteland out there (me dramatic much? Never :)

I have even started watching super hero movies! Which isn’t so bad I have to admit. I always thought I was just a Superman kind of girl (yes dates back to being young, impressionable and Christopher Reeve (bless him!) looking wonderful with that little lock of hair plastered just right over his forehead).
I thought the Incredible Hulk was meh (surprised at that since I generally really like Edward Norton) and I absolutely loved Iron Man. Loved. It. Robert Downey Jr is cool beyond words. Watchmen is up next (and if you do have any suggestions do leave them in the comments section below!)

But I digress. What do watch my dear faithful readers?

Well new season of True Blood starts on June 14. I loved it last year and I do hope it will live up to expectations this year too (on the side note for the first time viewers I would not recommend having a snack during True Blood. And I’m not the squeamish type. You have been warned).

Another favorite of mine is back for a summer season on June 15 and that is Leverage. If you haven’t watched Leverage so far do give it a go – it is about a group of con artists righting the world’s wrongs and the like. It is fun and light entertainment and I quite liked it the first time around.

I have tried with the latest Fox offering Mental but unfortunately I don’t think I’ll be returning for second helpings because it fell flat in my opinion.

Another show I am considering but still haven’t gotten around to is Nurse Jackie starring Edie Falco (of Sopranos fame). It a dark comedy and it does look sort of promising.

I still haven’t gotten around to finish watching the first episode of Kings (which my brother keeps raving about) and I know it does star Ian McShane but I lost interest half way. Apparently it is good so if you have a better attention span then this particular blond you might want to give it a go.

Oh and then there is my mandatory summer viewing – Flipping Out. It is horrible and I know it but I just can’t help myself. Jeff Lewis cracks me up.

So tell me dear readers what are you watching this summer?

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