Kingdom pre-screening – or how we got to see Mr. Fry


Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

First I do apologize for not updating Twitter at all. It was such a mad dash from landing to take off, I simply didn’t have the time to go to the loo (if you pardon my frankness) – let alone anything else. In fact upon return on Friday evening I promptly passed out from exhaustion and came back to my senses on Sunday morning :)

London is a wonderful city that I adore, but it should be enjoyed at a leisurely pace rather then dashing around like a headless chicken.

Well I’ll be completely honest with you – the whole experience felt a bit bizarre to me. And not only because I was so exhausted.

Not because anyone was unkind (in fact the complete opposite, ITV people were really really lovely) or strange or whatever it’s just because… I watched and loved Blackadder ever since I was a kid. Same with Jeeves and Wooster. And now there was Mr. Fry not a few feet away from me. It didn’t help I listened to Harry Potter audio books either and I half expected him to start talking in his Dumbledore voice :) But I’ll leave the strange thoughts that were going through my head to myself – I know you expect the beef!

You know how people keep banging on how tall Mr. Fry is? Well it’s true. I felt like a hobbit just by looking at him. He is also very charming and quite dapper. And although this was a press event rather then a fan event he is a very interesting speaker and genuinely seems like a nice fellow. I thought I perhaps imagined his utter likability however I did get the urge to pinch his cheeks so no I wasn’t mistaken. And no I didn’t pinch anything, I was really well behaved! :)

On to the important matters – Kingdom.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode. I have read somewhere the rumors Mr. Fry is not appearing as regularly in the third season (or something to that affect) and I can confirm it is absolute tosh. All the regulars have been featured (yes that includes Phyllida Law) so no truth in that. And from the press material we got and from the synopsis I have read it will stay that way.

I want to keep this as spoiler-less as possible – no point in ruining your Sunday evening viewing – but one person that gave me the most giggles in the first episode is Beatrice (Hermione Norris). She was hilarious! And from what I have seen I think Gloria (Celia Imrie) has the most demanding dramatic storyline this season.

There is a number of guest stars that will be making an appearance in season 3 including Jack Dee, Sophie Winkleman, Anna Massey, Jaye Griffiths, June Whitfield, Peter Sallis and Sandi Toksvig.

Ok here are the possible spoilery bits – stop reading if you don’t want your Sunday viewing spoiled

Lyle gets a new girlfriend, we find out the identity of Petra’s father and Beatrice’s lover and by the end of the season Peter will have to face up some truths of his own. Oh and there is a wedding too!

One thing that was touched upon in the Q&A too was the possibility of Peter being in a relationship (journo in front of me got to that question before me, but I’m not bitter) and Mr. Fry himself confirmed by the end of season 3 the story will sort of lead to the possibility of that.

I do have to say while I was watching the episode I think I realized why Kingdom is so popular with people all over. Obviously there is the appeal of Mr. Fry and a really good cast, but I think given the current doom and gloom we are all in need of some heart warming stories.

Not that there is anything wrong with some blood and gore (in fact I was tickled pink when I learned Mr. Fry himself is a fan of Midsomer Murders, Miss Marple, Wire in the Blood and Prime Suspect) but I feel that if Susan Boyle phenomenon has taught us anything then it is that we need stories that touch us on a very basic human level. And with Kingdom we do get that.

Ok so tell me dear readers – who do you think gets married? Who would make for a suitable match for Peter Kingdom? Any other questions you might have?

Make sure to come back tomorrow – when we cover the Q&A session.

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2 thoughts on “Kingdom pre-screening – or how we got to see Mr. Fry

  1. hi there,

    Great to read about kingdom i spent an enjoyable afternoon last july as an extra ,hope to do the same this year if they go for a forth series.
    I met most of the cast a great bunch of people especially stephen fry and john thompson.

    best wishes

    Jamie Norwich

  2. Hi Jamie, it is always lovely to meet someone from Norwich :)

    well I didn’t get any news on 4th series, but I’m crossing everything (meaning fingers and toes :) that we do get another season. I am a bit worried given the current situation at ITV but hopefully the ratings will be good and it will get the green light.

    My friends and I have visited East Anglia a number of times and I do hope to pop down for a visit again this summer (looove Norwich and I looove Wells – the best walk plus the fish and chips are superb, only this time have to bring some salad to feed the ducks at the quayside :)

    Norwich is such a lovely place and the people are ever so friendly. And a pint of Blackadder (or alternatively Mole trap) at Adam and Eve is to die for :)

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