Celebrity Apprentice – or how reality tv makes me feel icky

I have to admit I have a guilty pleasure. And it’s called Celebrity Apprentice.
I know horrible isn’t it? And I cannot even call it a guilty pleasure because it makes me squirm with embarrassment at least 5 times per episode.

There are so many things wrong with it (and I’m not even counting Donald’s “hair” as a bad thing).
But I started watching and I saw there was Joan Rivers (looove her) and Dennis Rodman (use to loooove him) so I thought ah it can’t be that bad. Bunch of washed out celebrities pretending they can actually do stuff.

But last week episode was really painful to watch. See Dennis Rodman has a drinking problem (or at least that’s what they decided to call it). And he really is out of sorts when he gets pissed.
In last week’s episode it did get out of hand and instead of a regular boardroom they had a mini intervention of a sort. It was obvious from the very beginning he was a liability. Given he seems like a regular and nice albeit incomprehensible fellow when sober, but once he hits the booze… well it wasn’t pretty.

And I’m certain producers surmised as much if they interviewed him beforehand. He was a trainwreck waiting to happen.
Which brings me to my point – I knew there was a reason why I steered clear of reality television (apart from the fact it is without fail bad). While it might make for compelling television it doesn’t really make you feel good. I felt all icky and disgusting.
And not only it was unpleasant for viewers, it was unpleasant for him and unpleasant for his fellow contestants.

Surely it could have been done in private. The only upside might be that if he sees himself, if he sees how pitiful it all looked he might do something to make himself better.
I know he has been labeled as an ass, dimwit and whatever but I really think he is just socially inept sad messed up man who needs help.

Bah I think I will stick to Eli Stone. Or what is left of it!

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