Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Kingdom pre-screening


Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

I did promise you a big announcement last week :)

You know we have been appreciating our lovely Mr. Fry and his body of work for a while now (no pun intended :)
And you all know one of my personal favorites by far is Kingdom.

Well someone at ITV’s publicity department has noticed because we have invited for the pre-screening. Yay!

The pre-screening will take place in London towards the end of next month and it will include seeing the first episode of third season of Kingdom, a Q&A with our lovely Mr. Fry and some other assorted bits and bobs (which may or may not include some exclusives).

Since the details are still a little bit fuzzy at the moment ( we will get them closer to the date) I will keep you updated. I was a bit apprehensive about blogging this, as this is as things stand now and I don’t have much information apart from what it might entail.

I would like to try to live tweet the event but I don’t know if that will be possible.
What I can promise you is that we will try to take as many photos as humanely possible (meaning before my iPhone battery dies) and post them as soon as I can on Twitpic so you, our faithful readers, can be there with us in spirit.

It is all terribly exciting I have to say. And I can tell you in all honesty (because we know each other by now and I don’t have to hide it) I shrieked like a screaming banshee when we got the invite.
Now in between looking up flights and hotels and doing research I am trying NOT to worry about the possibility of a complete geek out in front of our lovely Mr. Fry and what in the world am I going to wear!

I know shallow, shallow blogger but I am still a girl and I can’t help myself! :)

So there you have it dear readers. I will keep you posted on all the developments as soon as I have them and and as we sort out technical details I will let you know of those as well.

Also I wanted to thank each and every one of you personally because with your comments, stumbles and other assorted bloggy goodness you have made it all worth while.
And you have also proved that Mr. Fry does have the kindest and nicest admirers.

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