Dollhouse – there is life in this doll after all

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Dear faithful readers,

Have any of you by any chance been watching the latest Joss Whedon escapade called The Dollhouse?

The reason I have not written anything about it before was I was not sure I will stick with it for long enough to have something to write about.

Because the first few episodes were… well not good in my opinion. I thought the writing was less then stellar, Dushku was… well I felt a bit embarrassed for her, I was never a huge fan of Tahmoh Penikett and that guy Topher I wanted to slap silly.

Then I was reminded by a number of people it does take a while for Whedon to find his groove (everyone kept showing Buffy in my face, but yes I have to admit I only watched it sporadically so I didn’t really know what they were on about).
And then last week’s episode happened and I have to say Whedon has come up trumps.
As in WOW why wasn’t this episode a pilot?!

For anyone who is not familiar with Dollhouse a short summary – “Dolls” or “Actives” are people that have had their memory completely wiped out and for each assignment they get imprinted with a new one depending on the task. They can help the clients live out fantasies, solve crimes or say penetrate a cult compound.
However these new memories are really a medley of a number of personalities so the Dolls do not only get a new set of skills but some flaws as well. When they are off assignments they are in the child-like state and live together in the Dollhouse.
But there is a flaw in the plan as main character Echo (played by Dushku) starts becoming aware of herself even in her wiped out state.

Since the Dollhouse is an illegal operation an FBI agent with ants in his pants is trying to prove their existence and bring the operation down. And then there is the former Active called Alpha who had a brain fry or something along those lines (yes that is my blond technical term) and went on a rampage.

So in a nutshell this is it. Really give this one a go. I still want to slap this Topher guy silly however it is actually getting really, really good. Fast paced, thrilling and interesting. Plus it Whedon after all.

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