And the Emmy for best supporting actor goes to…

Oh bear with me I am not off my rocker I am perfectly aware the awards season is beyond us.
However after a recent discussion about the latest House episode over at Give Me My Remote I got thinking a little (only a little you understand I am blond after all) – what are some of the great supporting actors?

You know the ones that either make you giggle all the time, the ones that are the lone voice of reason and rationale or the ones that absolutely steal every single scene.
If you still do not know who I am talking about I will give you some examples.

Robert Sean Leonard aka Wilson – I did like Robert Sean Leonard ever since Dead Poets Society. So when I saw him in the first ever episode of House I was delighted. We all know about the Holmes/ Watson parallel – Wilson is a complete opposite of House and I guess that is why the two work so well on screen. And if anyone can hold his own next to Hugh Laurie then it’s Robert Sean Leonard. It is bloody shame he is not getting much on screen time lately.

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Chandra Wilson aka Dr. Bailey – Small, spunky and not afraid to tell it like it is Dr. Bailey seems to be the lone voice of reason at Seattle Grace. And if anyone is in a need of a stern talking to just leave it to Dr. Bailey to do it. Why this wonderful woman still didn’t receive an Emmy is beyond me.

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Michael Urie and Becki Newton aka Mark and Amanda – If you really need some comic relief then Michael Urie and Becki Newton should suffice. While the writers of Ugly Betty might have had their up and down moments you can always count on Michael Urie and Becki Newton to deliver their witty (and snarky) one liners with gusto and panache. They tickle me pink.

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Terry O’Quinn aka Locke – yes I am aware that Lost does not really have main characters per see it is an ensemble cast after all but we have not seen THAT much of Locke as we did in season 1. Besides Hurley and Locke-centtric episodes are usually the best. And last week’s episode of Lost proved (once again) what a splendid actor Terry O’Quinn really is.


Jim Beaver aka Bobby – after Papa Winchester went to hell and then went into the light (unlike Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Denny on Grey’s Anatomy) Bobby has become a surrogate father for the Winchester boys. There is no demon, ghost or any other evil entity that good old Bobby does not know how to banish back to pits of hell (or wherever they disappear off to). Plus if the previews of upcoming episodes are anything to go by, Winchester boys will definitely need someone to put them back in line when scuffles break out.

2007 HBO Emmy Party - Arrivals

Rob Brydon aka Uncle Bryn – Oh bless how I love the character of Uncle Bryn. And I think I love Rob Brydon even more. I love him on QI but I love him even more on Gavin and Stacey. From the infamous fishing trip to the his fascination with YouTube and Sex and the City, how can anyone fail to collapse in a fit of giggles every time that man even utters a sentence is beyond me.

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So tell me dear readers – who is your favorite supporting actor? If there is one character you feel is the backbone of your favorite show who would it be?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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