BSG ruminations


Well who would have thought?

I was certain, CERTAIN that last week’s BSG would see the demise of either Adama/Tigh or Roslin/Baltar.
Sure, I was prepared to give better odds to Roslin since she was with Baltar – as we all know Baltar is not capable of dying.

But as always with BSG, writers did throw us a curve ball – in the end it was Zarek/Gaeta combo that met their demise. While for Zarek I thought “…and good riddance to you too” (I really do detest power hungry politicians) but Gaeta well I kind of felt sorry for him. He honestly thought he was doing a good thing. I know I should get my head examined for feeling sorry for a fictional character with a scabby leg. Sorry scabby stump. Ah well.

I loved this episode because so much was happening at the same time, it was difficult to keep track. It did remind me of season 1 and why I love BSG.

There is one thing I have been obsessing about and it was brought in the focus with Anders getting shot. What does happen when one of the Final 4 die? This has been bugging me ever since they have been unveiled.
Obviously they do resurrect in one way or another since all of them remembered they had an existence back on Earth. But where, when and how still remains a mystery. Maybe Ellen Tigh will shed some light on that one (I sure hope so since it has been bugging me all season). Tsk imagine, I am hoping Ellen Tigh will give us some answers. For 4 seasons I thought she was nothing more then a nuisance supporting character.

Another thing I would love to see explained already – what exactly happened to Starbuck back on Earth. She did find her body burnt to a crisp after all.
Are we dealing with a parallel universe here, a wormhole perhaps or maybe the solution is more simple then that and they are all Cylons? To be honest nothing would surprise me anymore.

One thing I did like was the return of Romo Lampkin. Given I was not prepared for his attack of the murder pen (note to myself – do not eat during BSG) but it was nice to see Lampkin again before the show ends.

So I would like to know dear faithful readers – what is one answer you are dying to know?

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