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Remember last year when we participated in BSG So Say We All Blog carnival?

It was hosted by lovely Amy. Well the carnival has moved over at her latest escapade called TV Tyrant (make sure to check it out) and I have finally sat down long enough to write a BSG related post.

Everyone and their grandmother is raving about the last week’s edition of BSG. And sure it was good.
But it feels to me we have gone the full circle.

When you think about it almost all of the characters have reverted to how/what they were back in the beginning – Roslin has come out of hiding and addressed the fleet putting the greater good above her personal stuff yet again.
Starbuck has gone into the ruckus that is the rebellion all guns blazing.
Tigh, the unlikely Cylon, is once again Adama’s right hand man.
Zarek is once again manipulating those around him for his personal ego gratification and gain.
Gaeta once again finds himself with a boss from hell only this time it’s Zarek instead of Baltar.
And Baltar, my dear resident guru Baltar is running away as fast as his little legs can carry him.

You know I was worried for a bit when in the episode before last everyone just didn’t give a frak. Not that I blame them – the promised Earth turned out to be a radioactive hell. In the grand scheme of things even Duella’s suicide made sense in a way – it took them that long to finally go bonkers?

If I was floating in space with no final destination in sight, no sunshine or fresh air with nothing but algae for food – I would have gone bonkers long before. I’m surprise they all lasted as long as they did.

But the rebellion has made every single one of them shake themselves out of their stupor and finally take notice. That is why I think it will serve the greater purpose of giving us some sort of closure with final episode.

Because it is not about the riddle who is the last Cylon anymore. It is about what will humanity (or what is left of it) do now. Because they are running out of options. Because without the Cylons the humanity is frankly frakked. It is the Cylon technology that can give them at least a glimpse of a chance to find a habitable planet somewhere.

But how do you put your trust in someone/something that destroyed the life as you know it?

And more importantly has the humanity learned any lessons from the first time around not to make same mistakes once again?

Because as we all know – all of this has happened before and all of this will happen again.

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