Supernatural renewed!

2007 Winter TCA Tour - Day 11

Oh Supernatural fans you can breathe more easily – the Winchester brothers live to fight evil (and each other) another day.

Not that there was any doubt in my mind, I think Supernatural is great and season 4 has been particularly fantastic but it is CW and with them you literally never know.

Also renewed are Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Beverly Hills 90210, Smallville and America’s Next Top Model.
Not that I care much about these shows, the only one I felt somewhat inclined to watch was 90210, but somehow I never got around to it.

So there will be more demons, vampires, ghosts and what is most important Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Yay!

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BSG So Say We All Blog Carnival – Ellen, Baltar & his blanket and possible BSG movie

SCI FI Channel 2008 Upfront Party

Hm so what did you think of the last installment of BSG?

I have to admit I was disappointed. Maybe because it was much slower pace then the previous few episodes, maybe because there were no revelations galore or perhaps because it was all mostly about Ellen and Tigh.

I have read Amy’s commentary on the episode and I do have to agree – Ellen is a tad bit insane. No wonder I have never even considered her as a possibility when it came to “guess the Cylon competition”. Ellen as one of the Final 5 – you got to be kidding me! This is supposed to be the same woman who is responsible for the invention of hybrid Cylons? To me she looks a bit – whats the word – unhinged?

And oh so human – the way she cornered Tigh in front of Caprica Six declaring he will always put Bill Adama and the ship first – well dah woman and that was the worst case of human melodramatics if I have ever seen one.

But then I thought look at Baltar. Remember the pilot episode? Dr. Gauis Baltar was hailed as the smartest, most brilliant man of all the Colonies. Then again it was the same man who fell in love (or more accurately in lust) with a Cylon, managed to play a vital part in the destruction of human race, proceeded to talk to his invisible lover (as well as himself) and ended up walking around wrapped in a blanket talking about God all the time.

So if Ellen and Baltar are anything to go by, it seems exceptionally smart people are a bit gaga. At least in BSG they are.

Come to think of it Baltar and Ellen would be perfect for each other. Not only because they are a bit gaga but also because Tigh is now with Caprica Six. The oddest case of wife swap ever. See I told you – perfect!

I do hope this week’s installment will pick up the pace. I would really like BSG to go out with a bang.

I will leave you with this bit of BSG news via TV AddictUniversal Pictures is planning to turn BSG into a feature movie. However it will be based on the original BSG series rather then the latest installment.

So what do you think dear faithful readers?

Is Ellen completely insane? And for any fashion conscious readers – how about Baltar’s choice of blankets (I thought it made him look a tad bit drab)?
And last but not least – what are your thoughts about the possible BSG feature movie?

Do leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Uncle Bryn, Nessa and Tom Jones in a new video to aid Comic relief

I have mentioned plenty of times how much I love Gavin and Stacey. But we all know that in the cast of real characters the ones that stand out are my favorite uncle Bryn (played by brilliant Rob Brydon) and Nessa (played by equally brilliant Ruth Jones).

Well my favorite duo has teamed up with Tom Jones and released a single of Islands in the Stream to aid Comic relief or Red Nose day as it is known in the UK.

The video is predictably hilarious and I have to say I have missed hearing Tidy, Whats occurring and the rest.

You can click here to donate and support the Comic relief or you can head over to TwitterTitters blog. Twitter Titters is recruiting writing talent through Twitter to publish a collection of new comedy writing to raise funds for the Comic relief.

So help spread the word (after you have enjoy the video of course).

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – another QI clip

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

While our lovely Mr. Fry is off watching the wild whales in their natural habitat, we have to find our amusement where we can. And since the latest season of Kingdom has not started yet (why? whyyy?) we do not have much to choose from.

But we still have QI. I saw this clip on Friday over at TV Scoop (cheers for the lovely TV Scoop people) and I thought it was hilarious.
It features my favorite Rob Brydon (well my second favorite after our lovely Mr. Fry) and Ben Miller.
It had me in giggles. Men folk of heterosexual persuasion might not agree with me, but you know what – tough luck :)
It has already been dubbed as the most homoerotic moment in British television history!

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