Lie to me

Have you seen the latest Fox series Lie To Me with Tim Roth?

I liked Tim Roth for ages – ever since The Four Rooms and then in Deceiver.

This is very House-y (I am fully aware thats not even a word) but you will know what I mean if you see the show. Sure Tim Roth’s character is better hm socialized then House (no boob grabs or nothing, at least for now) but that does not make him any less interesting.

See he can tell when people are lying.

Anyhow check out the promo and give this one a go. It is good telly.

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Red Dwarf returns


Dear faithful readers,

we have wrote a while back that Red Dwarf is set to grace telly screens once again (it has been way too long and they have been sadly missed).

But finally we have some concrete news courtesy of lovely people at TV Scoop.

Dave channel in UK will premiere a new 2 part special called Red Dwarf: Back to Earth (written by Doug Naylor) on Good Friday. That will be followed by Red Dwarf: Unplugged and Red Dwarf: the Making of Back to Earth.

The best news – the original cast will all be present and accounted for.

After such a long wait this is excellent news. Yay!

Source: TV Scoop

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Dear House writers

15th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards

Dear House writers,

I have been watching since the beginning. You know back in the day when people didn’t know that Hugh Laurie was actually English. And I’ll continue watching because well of Hugh Laurie. I watched him since he was Wooster in Jeeves and Wooster and Laurie in A Bit of Fry and Laurie. I really like the grumpy bollocks. And I like the medical stuff.

But I am just a tad bit confused (and worried) about the latest developments.

So lets ignore the fact 13 has been getting more airtime then hm lets say Wilson lately. But what I find very hard to comprehend she has gone from being all suicidal and reckless to making googly eyes and talking babies with Foreman. In a matter of few episodes. Seriously?

And Foreman is sooo in love he doesn’t care he might be jeopardizing his career? Really? After a few dates? We talking about the Foreman we grew to know over 4 season? The same Foreman who has colleagues not friends? And steals other people’s intellectual property? Seriously?
I would even address 13’s weird attempt at flirting but the less we say about that the better. I am all for awkward (love it in fact) but this was just plain creepy.

Lets ignore the fact you have made Wilson and House patch things up after a handful of episodes. Someone gets over the fact his friend killed his girlfriend that quickly? Seriously?
What bugs me is that Wilson is getting less airtime then Chase and Cameron. Combined. Which equals to itsy bitsy minuscule amount.

Lets ignore the fact the best scenes over the last few episodes were with Cameron and Chase. No in fact lets not. Why do you even keep poor buggers on the pay roll and give them wonderful lines when you do, just to throw them back in the pits of ER or wherever they curl up in fetal position in the meantime.
Tsk really not on.

Lets ignore Cuddy’s bangs for a moment (I’ll get to that one a bit later). You are turning the damn woman from a assertive, strong, sassy sort into a dish rag. Wet dish rag in fact. Ok she is a mum now. But she has been on a downward spiral over the last 2 seasons – give the woman a break. Give her her backbone back.

And for the love of god and everything that is holy do something about her bangs – they are driving me to distraction. I’m sure you can find some hair mouse somewhere. Hair gel even better. I know shallow, shallow blogger but she will end up with a permanent squint if those bangs are not taken care of.

Which brings me to the latest bit of news that Amber is coming back. Yes the Cutthroat Bitch will be back.
Now I liked Amber. I thought she was interesting. Fun even. And then you killed her. Or House did (whichever way you want to look at it).
And now she is coming back. I thought this was House not Grey’s Anatomy. Do we really need another ghost who simply refuses to go into the light?
Or even worse an evil twin? Even if it is a hallucination (which would be more probable for House, although these days I’m not sure of anything) – still what in the world’s name are you trying to do?

I could will away the boob grab and hammer in the toilet. But words fail me now.

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – Friday night with Jonathan Ross

Jonathan Ross is seen here arriving at Radio 2 for his show

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

Oh don’t worry I haven’t suddenly turned this into Jonathan Ross Appreciation Monday. Although he might need one after all the flagellation from the media.

You may or may not know but our lovely Mr. Fry was a guest on Friday night with Jonathan Ross last week.

Since Jonathan Ross has been suspended for 12 weeks after that Sachs-gate thingy (if you are unfamiliar with what exactly happened you can read about it here) the media was mighty interested who is going to appear on the first show after the Ross’ suspension.

Our lovely Mr. Fry being lovely as he is was one of the guests (other guests included comedian Lee Evans, Franz Ferdinand and that little known American actor Tom Cruise).

Now I have only seen bits and bobs of the show (due to my location) but from what I have seen our lovely Mr. Fry was his usual charming, witty, clever self.

Since both him and Wossy are fans of Twitter, that topic was discussed and unsurprisingly the number of new users and followers grew significantly.

Oh and Tom Cruise wasn’t so bad either – you have to hand it to Wossy he just plunges on and sure he can be damn crude sometimes but I had quite a giggle. Yes I find fart jokes funny!

Anyhow if you are curious there are itsy bitsy snippets of the show posted by BBC on YouTube, but if you ahem do a bit of digging around you will find more substantial clips.

Oh and for any of you living in London (you lucky buggers) – our lovely Mr. Fry will be giving a talk at the London’s Regent Street Apple store on February 2nd. Don’t think it will turn into a riot though Fry fans are exceptionally lovely bunch – people will probably bring cookies and refreshments.

And if anyone of you dear readers will be going do drop us a little how it went.

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