What will you be watching this Christmas?


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Today after I got back from out in the drizzle (almost done buying Christmas gifts – yay for me! Can concentrate on baking now), I skimmed through TV listings for next week.

Lets face it after all the food has been eaten and your stretchy pants are on the point of bursting there is nothing more indulgent then vegging out in front of a telly for an hour or two (with a plate of assorted cake and Christmas puddings of course).

Usually you get the main dish with all the trimmings for Christmas, however this year the pickings are very, very slim. At least where I am at.
Not one Harry Potter, but there is plenty of Tim Allen for some reason and the obligatory Sound of Music and Charlton-Heston-as-Moses-let-my-people-go Ten Commandments. Sheesh!

So do tell me – what constitutes obligatory Christmas viewing for you our faithful readers? What is one movie, one telly show, one special you cannot imagine not seeing on Christmas?

For me for some reason it is Harry Potter movies. And already mentioned Sound of Music. Mary Poppins is nothing to sneer at also.
I know years ago there was also the Only Fools and Horses Christmas special of some sort. I think I have it on VCR tape somewhere.

So our faithful readers over to you – what will you be watching this Christmas?

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