Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday – a gift from Santa

Stephen Fry promoting his latest book

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

Now before I even start I just want to say this is complete wishful thinking on my part – I do not have any scoops, gossip or any other assorted goods.

This is more put-it-on-your-list-and-see-if-Santa-will-take-mercy-on-you posts. Oh that was a bit of a mouthful wasn’t it?

I was delighted earlier last week when I read Hugh Laurie will be appearing on Saturday Night Live. Sure we all know that he is brilliant on House and yes he has a great range and can take on whatever role he wants but BUT Hugh Laurie started in comedy. And while we get plenty of snark and witty one liners on House, I miss the bendable and the punchable Laurie of the old (check out the video down below if you don’t know what I mean).

Anyhow if you have been following our lovely Mr. Fry’s tweets it also happens he is in New York at the moment. And what if WHAT IF they did a sketch on SNL together? Wouldn’t that be just squeal with delight, absolutely fraking fantastic?

I for one wouldn’t even mind if it is an old sketch, who cares Fry and Laurie together again after all these years oh and baaaaaah fantastic.

Hmmmm I’m thinking our lovely Mr. Fry as a doctor slapping the living daylights out of Hugh and calling him an idiot for a good measure. And before you start the Hugh Laurie love campaign after 5 season of House it would be nice to see him on the receiving end of you-are-an-idiot tirade.

I don’t know about you but I’m actually thinking about writing to Santa to ask for an early Christmas present. I just might pull it off I have been quite well behaved this year. Well more or less :)

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