The best of Couchslobs in 2008


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Since it is end of the year we will do a little recap of the most popular posts here at Couchslobs.

That should give you something to read while you nurse and munch your way through a hangover. I have divided the posts into categories for easier navigation.

And let me take a moment to wish you happy New Year dear faithful readers – thank you for reading our verbal diarrheas and thank you for popping by, do make yourselves at home.

The best of all sorts of stuff

10 TV moments that made me go WTF?

16 hottest ladies of Sci-Fi TV shows

55 best British shows ever

The best of British crime series

Best Stephen King books turned into a movie

TV’s most kickass female characters

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Games based on TV shows – a match made in heaven or hell?

Shameful movie confessions – favorite Sci-Fi movies of the 80s

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Shameful sit-com confessions – what sit-com you could not live without?

7 step formula to make a horror flick

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When movie stars get their kit off

I’m crazy and I won’t take it anymore – my favorite nutcases

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Shameful movie confessions – my top horrors of the 80s

Things I learned…

Things I learned watching True Blood

Things I learned watching Eli Stone

Things I learned watching Torchwood

Things I learned watching Blackadder

Things I learned watching QI

Things I learned watching Keeping up Appearances

Things I learned watching Dexter

Things I learned watching Battlestar Galatica

Things I learned watching Jeeves and Wooster

21 things I learned watching Indiana Jones

Things I learned watching House

Things I learned watching Lost

Things I learned watching Supernatural

Things I learned watching Jericho

Stephen Fry Appreciation Mondays

Blackadder Goes Forth

Oscar Wilde Day

Happy birthday Mr. Fry

How Mr. Fry got his head examined

14 of my favorite QI clips

Random tidbits

We are not in Oz anymore Toto

Why is Eli Stone no more?

Legend of the Seeker


At first, I wasn’t really impressed with “Legend of the Seeker“. I heard pretty bad stuff about Terry Goodkind‘s “Sword of Trurth” novels it’s based on – and that was from the guy who actually liked them. On the other hand, executive producer of the “Seeker” is Sam Raimi who – in that dark era after “Evil Dead” and before “Spiderman” – produced “Hercules” and “Xena”: two shows placed in a Disneyland version of ancient Greece where Hippocrates, Caesar, Zeus and Lucifer all shared the same neighborhood.

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Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday

Stephen Fry pulls different expressions on his face

Dear faithful readers – happy Stephen Fry Appreciation Monday!

And I might as well wish you happy holidays :)

Live long and prosper in the New Year dear faithful readers and do come back often – we like having you around :)

So another year is coming to an end and we had a LOT of Stephen Fry Appreciation. We have covered anything and everything from podgrams and twitter to broken arms and Norfolk.

We do have the latest season of Kingdom to look forward to in January/February. I did try and check the ITV schedule to see if there is a set date but no luck. Ah bless I love that show so much plus I can squeal now “I’ve been there!”. And at this time last year who would have thought I’d walk the Wells beach?

Anyhow I wanted to ask you my dear faithful readers is there anything you would like to see covered that we have not done so far? Being the end of the year and all plus I do like to comply with your wishes.

Although bare in mind – I draw the line at watching Spice Girls the movie, no matter how fond I am of Mr. Fry. I mean I sat through St. Trinians that was more then enough.

So do let me know if there is anything you would like covered in the comments section below.

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