Why is Eli Stone no more?

2008 Summer TCA Tour - Day 9

This has been a strange season. Dean Winchester has been yanked from hell by an angel, Denny (DEEEENNY!) it seems is back on Grey’s Anatomy (honestly!), I have given up on Heroes, House (HOUSE!) is grating on my nerves and I got addicted to a show about vampires.

Strange times indeed.

Just last week I asked you (well I asked and none replied) what was your favorite feel-good TV show. And then I learned one of mine got canceled.

Eli Stone is no more.

We wrote about Eli Stone ages and ages ago and the mighty Google analytics eye tells me it still draws in visitors (although people its ELI Stone, not ELY Stone).

That particular post sparked a response from Mr. Guggenheim (one of the writers and the producers of the show) which had me in a fit of giggles (after the initial shock wore off of course).

So Eli Stone is not only my feel-good TV but it will have a special place in my TV schedule of shows gone by.

The thing is after my initials doubts about where it could possibly go – for a minute there it was tottering on the brink of becoming an all-singing-all-dancing extravaganza that would put Ally McBeal to shame – it did get better. And it did get good. The writing was solid and the performances were good and quirky enough without going overboard. You had drama, you had witty one-liners and the occasional tug-at-the-heartstrings moment.

And now ABC has pulled the plug.

Which begs the question – have we developed such severe cases of ADD and such love for gore that a lawyer-prophet did not even stand a chance? Even a good looking one (well I had to point the obvious)? Or is the idea of a lawyer getting visions from God to do good in the world such an appalling one?

I am as ADD, cynical and prone to gore as the next person, but I loved it. Surely it can be shopped around to another network.

Be as it may I do wish Mr. Guggenheim and Mr. Berlanti the best of luck there isn’t a doubt in my mind they will come up with something equally intriguing that I’ll love.

As for Jonny Lee Miller well I have been a fan ever since Trainspotting and Loretta Devine has been a favorite ever since Boston Public – lets hope we will see them gracing our screens soon enough.

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5 thoughts on “Why is Eli Stone no more?

  1. It seems if the show isn’t one of the multiple versions of CSI, it won’t make it. My husband was devistated that Eli was pulled…

  2. I can’t believe it NO MORE ELI!! it’s almost enough to make me want to stop watching ABC! I mean just when I feel the show started really developing the characters they go and do somthing like this. I wish all the cast luck and will start to consider other programing options, especially since there will be only one show remaining that I watch on ABC LOST, oh wait thats also ending soon also.

  3. I just found a wonderfull new show that while it dosen’t fill the hole eli stone left it is also uplifting and fun. Abc just won me back and am hopefull they will not cancel my new favorite show “GLEE”. I hope you check this show out and give it a chance. Sincerly -Jen.

  4. yeah its really upsetting that they cancelled Eli Stone it was one of my favorite shows and and just when it seems that the show is doing really good this happens i am on the second disc of the second season and i dont want to have to watch the final episode. ahhhh I wish there was some way for them to put Eli Stone back on TV.

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